11 POINT BUCK DOWN! Deer Hunting 2019 – Browning 25-06 – Pennsylvania Rifle Season – Boozer

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Buck Hunting 2019. Follow Charles as he hunts with his father and law and family during the first week of the Pennsylvania rifle buck season. Deer are seen and even a nice buck. Then Charle’s father in-law Bob takes aim with his Browning 25-06 at a big 11 point coming out into an open. Charles gets the camera ready and Bob makes a great shot on the buck. This is Bob’s biggest buck EVER! Congrats Bob!
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Manuel Gutierrez says:

Dude! are u out of shape?

Shadow Realm says:

I absolutely LOVE my 25-06

Matthew Michaels says:

You're using my favourite calibre mate. Nice shooting.

RKBA says:

Binos or spotting scope are quite helpful in iding antlers, etc. Fwiw

Byron Provencial says:

I'm keeping BOB in my prayers god bless you

M_ Hub says:

you mean you did something that a Cave Man used to do??

and you had a gun

not anti-gun
anti-thinking that this is something special when Man has been hunting for thousands of years

no taboos says:

What bullet weight was it? I suggest a 120gr may have dropped it on the spot.

Louis Bailey says:

Haven't heard an update,or missed it if there was one.
Hope Bob is OK. Everyone is still in my thoughts and prayers.

Sir Grease says:

Should I buy a 25-06? Opinions

Tommy Pinewood says:

There must be some mistake. I searched “Deer Hunting”, not “Target Shooting Live Animals Who Are So Far Away You Could Dance Around Naked And They Wouldn’t Even Care”
Good marksmanship is a great skill to have but doesn’t make a good HUNTER.

WillDogJones1 says:

I hope you do more out of that shanty. I love that thing. Great job Bob

Dennis Hettinger says:

Nice buck bob great video !!!

? thompson says:

That's a first for me seeing a hoof in the antler. Congrats.

Thomas Dougan says:

Good luck on your surgery, please read your hunting manual on proper tagging, needs to be in the ear ! Just a heads up !

Andres Navarro says:

Congrats I can't wait for this hunting weekend 🦌🦌🦌🦌🐗🐗🐗🍺🍺🍺

Hartsell TV says:

Praying for Bob!! Glad to see him get a nice buck before surgery

Michael Rhodes says:

Congratulations Bob 👍
Hope all goes well with your health 👍

Matthew Bouselli says:

Ron had to eat his words, about the 30-06

Jason Smith says:

Congrats, and good luck with your surgery… I'll send a prayer to the man upstairs for you….


We're keepin Bob in our prayers! Great Buck Bob! God Bless you and yours!

Gregory Hunts says:

Great shot and hope the surgery goes well.

Scotch yelper says:

Nice buck 👍 The best of luck on your surgery.

RKBA says:

The reason most people miss is because they take aim at the deer/coyote or whatever, instead of taking aim at a SPOT ON the target. Once I learned to aim at a spot on the target, my accuracy improved dramatically.

Alex Cika says:

Great Buck , good luck with the surgery ole boy

Rise_Scrubs says:

Stop screaming while hunting

Tom Close says:

nothing to brag about for sure 200 yard shot?? try bow hunting buddy more of a challenge

4nik8uobama says:

congrats bob now great luck with your illness.

Bright's Landscaping says:

Congrats, Hope you have a good surgery.

chris burnham says:

Congrats on a nice buck. Best of luck to you sir on the surgery.

Thomas Chutko says:

Congratulations Bob!! Real nice buck! Best of luck with your open heart surgery! I've had it done 4times. God bless.

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