Folklore Hunter – HUNTING TURNS INTO INSANITY!! (Mulitplayer)

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You are a hunter world renowned for slaying supernatural beasts. Your next contract is to hunt down a wendigo plaguing a section of woods in north america. Gather resources, set traps, prepare your equipment, use your hunters instincts and take down the beast, before it hunts you.

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:


Vintage Narwhal says:

The house no longer being where it was before is a very nice touch.

Kristián Halbavý says:

8:45 did he really miss that?

White Domino says:

'Oh he's pissed' well you keep shooting him with bb guns so

Derek Allen says:

I remember when the cabin disappeared on us lol

SaTuRoChAn says:

this is soooo cool XDD and would be sooooo scary if you think about this happening to you in real life Ö_Ö and you wouldn't just sit there in the ferris wheel XDD

Alexandralite says:

I'm waiting for a horror game where you can record either your voice or a friend or family member so that a monster like the wendigo can call for you like they are known to do on top of the luring calls and growls of them.

Oniichan says:

Seems like no one talk about this but.. Fooster you misspell Multiplayer on your title 🙂

Immortal killer says:

With a ritual

Immortal killer says:

The Wendigow is immortal he can just be sealed away

Tea Rex says:

Fooster if you wanted to know what's the song is called playing at the Ferris wheel Area it's called
Creepy Amusement Park
By Derek Fiechter

Mike Mike says:

The old school lever would either be 38sp or 30'30 no 22lr as far as I remember cause it's a pain to fix or make a rim fire like that with senter fire pin

ImJustbeingReal AndUSoundDumb says:

critically hurts it


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