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Brian Call: Gritty says:

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loganksmitty says:

You boys continue to lead the field in cinematography as always. Bring on more 1 hour videos! Can’t wait to watch the rest of the series.

Trevor Abrams says:

Great video, thanks for sharing.

Zachary Smith says:

That was an awesome video. I love seeing the dead wolf congrats Ryan!

Jonathan Ellis says:

To say the least, your bear videos inspire me to hunt bears again here in Colorado. Really glad my valleys aren’t this intense. You can keep those to yourselves. Sweet country and can’t wait til next episode!

Going Native says:

Great work y’all! Love the channel and the gritty podcast! Big fan here!

daniel pearmund says:

Congrats. What in the world is wolve meat taste and texture like? Very cool!

Josh Walker says:

The longer the better I like longer content esp wolf kills and bears heck ya

Joe Leslie says:

Another great episode. You could tell Adam had the deer in the head lights look in the first few minutes of the show. But he is also a go getter like you guys and that is what all Americans need to do. Thank you Joe. I got drawn for my first spring bear and got a beautiful chocolate with a nice white patch.

William Huber says:

Always entertaining. Good hunt.

Joey D says:

Ryan is right longer films are way better! I really could use some gaiters for my Elk hunt this November. You guys are awesome!

Lee Young says:

Looks like the church

llufym Eman says:

HANDS DOWN THE BEST! I’m for the 45 minute or longer. What y’all might think is mundane is very interesting to most. Anxious for Sunday’s.

Bobby T says:

Love the Sunday evening videos I look forward to them all week to watch them with my little boy. Cool hunt would like to see a video or podcast on the eartag for the wolf about how old it was and where it came. Keep up the good work

Lee Young says:

Aint no sneaking up on a bear in canyons, winded !

Shelli Davis says:

As usual, the best hunting footage out there. Hunting done right!!

Timothy Paxson says:

New to your channel and love it so far. Thanks for the great content, already learned a lot . Can’t wait to check out more!

Jacob Musselman says:

Some of the craziest country I’ve seen. The determination is inspiring!

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