My Traditional Bow Hunting Setup for 2019

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This time of year I get a lot of questions regarding my traditional archery bowhunting setup. Questions like:

What kind of longbow or recurve to you shoot,what’s the draw weight for elk or deer, how heavy are your arrows, what’s FOC do you recommend, what kind of broadheads, etc.

This video will go over my bowhunting rig for this year. I’ll be chasing elk, whitetail deer, hogs, and anything else that I can. Additionally I’ll go over the stuff I carry with me in my Traditional Archery field kit. Here’s a quick rundown for later reference:

Bow square, fletching jig, fletchings, fletching glue, field tips, broadheads, tip glue, feather dry, extra bow string, string material, serving and serving tool, wood glue, torch, honing stone, nail polish, plyers, extra shooting tab or glove, extra clicker, point brush, and a few other things.

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fraser wilson says:

What do you find to be the best string silencers? Fur or wool?

Mike Linton says:

I might have missed it, but I'm curious about velocity with these arrows.

I'm curious to see what your KE and Slug numbers are.


So if I put a 160gr broadhead on a 400 spine arrow. Does this make my arrow a 460gr arrow?

Joshua Mastel says:

Quick question about your arrow weight. Ive been using carbon arrows and with a 100 gr field point they come in at 450 gr. For most of what I can find an ideal total arrow weight should be 450-500. You are pushing 600, does it matter that much? Should I get arrow inserts to up my weight to push closer to 550-600 and then, should I be practicing with arrows that heavy? Im fairly new to this.


Love this one Clay, my brother and a good friend of mine used to do the 3d tourneys years ago. We all had boxes full of repair supplies. Saved the weekend for many a bow hunter, through the years. Even made , on the spot Flemish strings , for compound replacement cables that took down deer, that weekend it was made. I've even had to feed and clothe some of these guys too. It was all worth it, thanks.

ToteaGlockBoy says:

Love that snakeskin.

BuG Eyes says:

What are the length of your arrows clay?


What knife do you use to dress

Jim Ackerman says:

Clay, I'm 66 and new to hunting. Picked it up just 3 seasons ago. Shooting both compound and recurve. Love your insights. Very helpful to this old rookie. Thanks.

Randy Scott says:

So what is used for a glue on broad head ? I’ve saw the bamboo shafts and that’s the deal breaker for me I had a quiet a few broad heads that are eleven thirty to I believe I wouldn’t want to have to buy new broad heads

Kevin Emard says:

Meat heads? Where xan i go to look at those? & Have you ever tried grizzly heads

Xpl0ration says:

Any recommendations for a good longbow for hunting? I'm currently using a recurve but I'm wanting something like an English longbow, but cut with a shelf since I never used a shelf and all one price, don't want to mess with limbs or bolts ECT
@anybody with recommendations, tbh the Mandarin duck phantom looks nice but it only goes to 50 pounds

Jacob Koon says:

What’s your bow poundage

Jeff Ray says:

Dude post your morning dump cant shot fer shit.

Sin City Outdoors says:

Nice set up

Frances Williams says:

Nice set up clay, shoot straight n goodluck in 2019!

D Mast says:

Do you have any advice on buying a draw knife? I'm looking to start making bows and am looking for a reliable draw knife for a reasonable price

Maurice Pierre says:

The floss may be for a temporary or second nock?

adam boone says:

Great video, can you do a demonstration of types of elk calls you prefer to use? Thanks and happy hunting.

A R says:

As a newbie I’m lost to most the products you have in your tool box haha
I gotta do some homework

Ben Boyd says:

Hey clay, can you post a link for your bamboo shafts? I've been having a terrible time sourcing quality ones locally.

Justin Noyb says:

My piercer says you should never store sharp broadheads in your Prince Albert.

Shane K says:

Do you have to use hide glue for sinew backing or is there a more waterproof modern type?

Kristy Jennings - Rebar Jinkies says:

thank you for the video

James Cooper says:

Thanks for taking the time to do this Clay! I really like the fact you have your Mom's old makeup box! That's gotta bring some good-luck mojo huh? I have some old things like that that I cherish. Dads old tool kit, Grandpa's tackle box and my Uncles gun cleaning kit. They are all gone but their stuff lives on!

Jon Patterson says:

That box is like a clown car. Didn't know what you were going to pull out next. Have a great, safe season.

Uncle Remus says:

Guys should stop worrying about gadgets & learn to actually shoot. Learn solid form & achieve Repeatable accuracy thru back tension.

Once that’s solid you’ll shoot any bow accurately & will stop searching for the “ One” every 3 months.

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