Giant 10 foot Alaska Brown Bear | Mark Peterson Hunting

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This episode is a throwback hunting trip from 2016 when Mark Peterson traveled to the Alaska peninsula to try and harvest a world class brown bear. After delayed flights due to weather and completing their Alaska waiting period Mark was finally able to get our and hunt. Lance and Mark headed to a glassing hill to look for bears. Bears in the spring are hard to hunt but it is the rut so if you spot a good bear the game is on and its zero to one hundreds miles and hour to get in front of the bear for a shot.

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KD TheDripGod says:

Now I believe the Missing in Alaska crew wasnt just making up stories of giant bears lol

Gavin Ford says:

Dream hunt for sure and great bear! Out of curiosity Mark what was your cartridge and bullet selection? I’m also running a Christensen Arms (300 Win Mag) and trying to decide what bullet to use in Alaska. Thinking 180gr Swift Scirocco 2 on the mainland and the 200gr A-Frame if I’m ever on Kodiak.

Jason Kresser says:

Why did you kill a bear?

Mostafa Hamdy says:

The guide conversation is honest and sincere 👍👍👍

theotis111 says:

How you get him out

Dan Reid says:

I bet there's a Sasquatch walking around up there wondering, where his pet bear went .

skibumplus3 says:

"Don't think you are going to hunt the Alaska peninsula and have fun". Made me laugh out loud!!!

Tammy Biggerstaff says:

I have been blessed to take brownies, but none quite that large. Congrats my friend! Randy. NC

Not Today says:

If you aren't hunting it to survive or you can't kill it with your bare hands, it isn't hunting. Anything less is just called being a pussy dressing up in camo and hiding.

zzp1 says:

Is this the Kodiak? Their eyesight is similar to ours, but they smell you from a long distance. If the wind id towards them.

Addicted To Bear Meat says:

What a tank!

john hanks says:

How did you get it out of drainage?

Todd Sutton says:

be a man about it, take it on hand to paw see who wins. LOL

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