Top 5 short hunting clips filmed with H&J Safaris.

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Born out of passion, over 5 generations in the tradition of a True African Safari.

H&J Safaris will be returning your Safari to the ways of our Fore Fathers.

H&J Safaris proud ourselves with the most professional, passionate, knowledgeable and experienced guides to accompany you on your African Safari, passing on the true magic of Africa.

With H&J Safaris it is not just about the trophy, but it is the whole journey of the hunt which will lead to a memory to treasure for a lifetime.

We only conduct safaris in areas that has self-sustainable game populations and where the harvesting of those species will directly contribute to the wellbeing of the whole ecosystem they inhabit.

Continuous monitoring of areas across Africa gives us the confidence in giving you the best Safari for your specific needs.

Attention to detail and hands on staff will let you sit back and enjoy your Safari.

H&J Safaris was established by Outfitter and Professional Hunter, Jason van Aarde. He has a wide experience in hunting all over Southern Africa, including Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania and Zimbabwe and will assist you in planning your own special African safari.

We have a good percentage of repetitive clientele who trust in us for planning their Hunting and Fishing safaris, whether it is Wing shooting, Plains Game or Dangerous gamesafari. We conduct hunting safaris throughout Southern Africa, depending on the client’s needs.

With different areas on which we conduct our hunts, ranging from the open plains of the Free State province, to the harsh heat and humidity of our Mozambique concession, we will be able to cater to everyone’s specific needs. Whether it is a top quality five star lodge or the more rustic tent camps, we will be able to make your stay and visit with us enjoyable and worthwhile.


Luiz fernando Oliveira says:

Um abraço do Brasil

shyfox89 says:

Idk why people don’t hunt with swords or own hands. This is like being proud you beat up and old lady.

Amratanshu Awasthi says:

Isn't this illegal?

MD R. Lee Williams says:

Excellent video. Lots of patience on the shot for the elephant.

Roelof Minnaar says:

Great video I am proud

Just Nature's Music says:

Absolutely amazing!! Love the edit. Builds tension all the way.

Wild Africa Productions says:

This is brilliant 🎥

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