Bowhunting BIG Hogs in TEXAS w/Ranch Fairy!!!

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We’re headed to Texas for some arrow testing and hog hunting with @Ranch Fairy!

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teamflanneloutdoors says:

👍Love me some Fairy Dust🎯

Josh Taylor says:

Leave it to Jake to pull out the elk bugle to stop a pig for a shot 😜

Ron Swanson says:

No kills hunting over bait and I have to listen to the Ranch Fool?? That guy would almost be tolerable if he didn't love the sound of his own voice so much. Sucks you drove all the way to Texas for that video.

Glenn outdoors says:

Yall were pretty close to my hometown in Oklahoma

Brian Tatum says:

My hometown muskogee.

Jerry Scray says:

Yes gentleman Been hot humid and miserable here for awhile now

Mike P says:

What's the story with the wooden box in the bed of the truck?


Try again it was still an awesome video

Nicholas Whitewood says:

What brand of lighted noks do you guys use?

Bill browning says:

I’m not trying to challenge your experience, but if you puncture the chest wall all lung material on that hemisphere will collapse.

Jonathan Simmons says:

I love wearing headphones when watching this and start swatting at flies in the audio.

Chris Blankenship says:

Good way to end the weekend.

Garrett Straffon says:

Are the Thp arrows going to be out for this archery season!?

bushy240 says:

Years ago, I hunted wild boar with archery. I hit the boar in the heart, it still ran 60 yard and died under a juniper tree.

Deven Ross says:

When is the Maine turkey hunting video coming!?

Joseph Braun says:

Nothing killet. Still an epic vid. Keep it coming THP!!!!

Can’t get enough Outdoors says:

Heck yeah boys are ready for bed im ready for my favorite show ever I hope Aaron sticks one!!!

Kevin Ard says:

Whenever we have pigs come out, whether with bows or muzzleloaders, we always are wanting a slightly quartering away shot. Place it right in the "armpit" and you'll get vitals.

Bryan Johnson says:

Bucks and Hawks Playoff game + THP @ Fairyland = 1 good night. Thanks for the clutch content.

Stephen Palmateer says:

when I used to prospect for gold in Quebec, you'd judge the bugs by slamming your notebook closed. Five on the page was no big deal.

Michael Bruns says:

Thought for sure that Hayden's shot was pure. On the replay, the exit looked high but I didn't think anything of it. Shocked it got away.

Stephen Palmateer says:

who would've thought to put a saxophone over a nylon string Spanish guitar?

Eric Wiitala says:

I got to admit, I thought that shot was absolutely money. I guess not… I learned something also. Hunting pigs is definitely on my "Must Do" list.

MH HAWK says:

Finally a THP vid. Almost started havin withdrawals

John Williams says:

Even though the hunting wasn't the best it was awesome to see you all out there hunting.

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