How To Score A Deer

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Check out our guide on how to score a deer. Find out which measurements you need, all the terminology around scoring a buck’s rack, and the process of scoring a deer’s antlers.

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Nick Millican says:

How do you guys measure a split G2 or split brows?

Nathan School says:

What do they do with the outside spread, and tip to tip measurements?

lwsrider says:

A good tutorial. Thanks! One question. What's the difference between Boone & Crockett, and Pope & Young? Why are there 2 different scoring systems?

Craig Hansen says:

Thanks for taking the time to show this! I appreciate it.

Sawyer Olson says:

One problem I can’t kill a big deer? My best is 6

underdog outdoors says:

Excellent overview my friend!

Cary Peaden says:

Good video. Thanks!

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