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Thanks for checking out my Youtube video……. A packed midweek car boot sale….. a lot of similar faces at this one!!

Sorry for any singing (to myself), nose blowing or sniffing and finally any heavy breathing……. The breathing thing creeps me out just as much as you…. and my mum would be super unimpressed with the nose sniffing, she would be like get a tissue you moron!!

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I want to bring you on the journey with me and show you the thinks I experience on my travels and what I pick up!

If you love ‘Retro collectables’ you will love this video and my channel!

Videos will be uploaded weekly with finds from toys fairs, boot sales, charity shop and even collection pick ups from private sellers.

Let the Journey begin! Our quest awaits…….Press Play!!!

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If you are selling a collection of toys, comics or gaming pieces please contact me via DM or message me via Twitter, Instagram or YouTube (in video comments).

Thats would be absolutely amazing!!! And would help me build the ultimate collection!!!!!!

Long live everything retro!!!

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Charlie Brown says:

keyboard at 3:30 is 100 notes easy in box.

bin boot sale pickin says:

15 go 25 maybe on the superdry ,robocop one i wanted for ages just not come across it. Pretty uncommon to see in the wild.

Shinryu says:

Boombox is about 75 unboxed. Boxed with manual prob closer to 100-125. The only issue with those is the tape player has sometimes gone. The Sony dvd recorder goes for about 45-50 unboxed, boxed probably closer to 60.

Adam Wragg says:

Oh if that superdry hoody was a medium id have been interested in that! Can't believe you didn't go for that astonishing X-Men omnibus! They are worth picking up for sure, especially once they've been retired, shoot up in value. Did you ask how much it was?

Cuteopia x says:

This has become my favourite YouTube channel. We don't have mid-week boot sales where I live.

Matt Repeat Collector says:

That astonishing x men omnibus is a good £60 online . I’ve never seen ones at a boot sale before! Great vid as usual.

Danny H The retro gaming master says:

You did well, Robocop for Xbox is worth about 15-20 quid and the xbox one controller should be worth a nice amount if its working. I usually buy clothes when they are brand new for myself. Buying second hand clothes can be a bit of a minefield but I think that superdry top was a good find. PS2 games seem to be going up in value as well.

Gamerboy says:

Brilliant scotty as per usual kiddo 😀

Hayley Chambers says:

Great pick up Scott keep going and good luck for weekend carboots

geordie reseller says:

japan football top gos for around £30 on ebay

Katie Sweby says:

Yay! I've been waiting for a new upload from you. 👌 Will enjoy watching.

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