3, 2, 1, BANG BANG – 300PRC Long Range Fallow DEER Hunting

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Shaun Hutson says:

Shooting on point🤙 well done lads

Carter aka Kurt R. says:

Oh DEER, that's a lot of 'em.

Scott Lewis says:

That’s awesome! I have been trying to get access to properties to hunt deer for 7 years in Qld with no luck…

Shaun Dumper says:

Great video Tony, very cool to see those Sambar coming out of the bush like that.

Moo Moo says:

You got to love it when a plan comes together. Everyone knows it does always go like that but when it does it’s a sweet trip.
Well done and thanks for sharing
Love your work

John Mac says:

Onya Tony, it was deer heaven that morning for sure. Always the way with the smabar and no bow. I can remember going to pin some foxes with the 22 and spewing about not having my bow when a snack pack was 20m in front of me not moving, just staring at me.

Do you make any kranskies from your venison. I've got a cracking recipe.

Studio Terrible says:

Hre's a very bad hunting accident… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5Jg_RLog9Q

Mike Barone says:

Awesome shooting guys good hunt fallow would be one of the tastiest deer for me in nz

Royce Nestor says:

Righto: Been doing my research on Fallow, Sambar, Hogg deer. Stag and Hind and Heights and Weights and regions and seasons. Do they drop antlers or not, do they have moose like antlers or those 6 even Tooheys lookn ones. When is Rutting season and who do you root to get on some prime properties that has got the Quinella for hunting these tasty buggers.
By the way have you two got the same rifles?

Mark Shaw says:

Awesome video mate. Thought you may have taken one of those sambar for meat?

Bradley Tyrrell says:

Nice one champion great shooting boys I did some long range fallow shooting last weekend what an absolute blast keep it up

Captain Compound says:

Never eaten fallow deer, how does it compare to sambar

Kirby Harmer says:

Where do you get rems coller

Jamie Sullivan says:

Great freezer filling hunt guy's.
Plenty of meat for the dogs and the family 👍

Rod George says:

Bloody rippa mate that's the way you do it I'll bet the farmer is happier now that you've thinned them out a little bit.

Matt Cato says:

What an awesome haul, I dream about doing stuff like this. I'm finally going for my first deer in a couple of weeks 🤞🤞🦌💥

Joshua Warby says:

I'm watching this on my big screen while typing on my phone

Charleen Rodgers says:



Chris p says:

Nice freezer fillers.

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