Truck Buck – A Late Season Rifle Mule Deer Hunt

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On this hunt, Erik gets to cruise the yard chasing rutting bucks in an old 85′ Dodge truck with our good friend Murph. Erik is looking for a mature buck to fill the freezer but is only planning on hunting for the day. This should be one of his favorite hunts of the year if everything goes to plan.

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Colin Erdmann says:

Very nice 2×3

Darren Klaty says:

For a management buck itโ€™s always cool to get some character as well! Nice buck either way!

Jaxxticity says:

Fantastic video!

Coulson Rich says:

The 2×3 with the unique rack would have been cool!

Devan Fisher says:

Just got drawn for my muley. Canโ€™t wait for the season to start

Tyrel Hottell says:

Iโ€™ve hunted muleys all my life so a 4×4 or bigger is all I shoot anymore. Ton of deer where Iโ€™m at. But that 3×4 is big enough and cool character

gmanisrandom says:

Love this! Love the unique bucks! Old trucks rule! Love my 86 bronco.

Alexander K Moore says:

I would have taken whichever gave the better shot. Awesome video

Cody Scepaniak says:

2×3 for sure

Ethan Roskey says:

I would have shot either of those bucks if I had the opportunity to do so. The only buck that I got with a nice spread was a 9 point dead head I found while small game hunting. Fingers crossed I come across a nice buck this fall!!!

Craig White says:

I would take whichever one tastes better! Probably the 3X4

Christopher Meyer says:

Whatever buck gives the best opportunity. Both were great bucks. Canโ€™t wait to get out less then a month and will be chasing them with the bow in central Cali.

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