THREE BIG BEAR in ONE DAY – Bear Hunting with Hounds

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Tyler Newman says:

Where is this at? Man I miss running bear!

mrsockeye says:

Great video. That last bear was intense.

M Hortman says:

When that camera came around the corner and that pack was walking that bear across the road!! That is what it is all about there!

Lukus Wagner says:

I'm curious what these guys do w the meat, usually a rutted buck or wounded deer tastes different from stress. Youd think a bear run to exhaustion would be pretty foul.

Jason Seiler says:

That's not hunting. City slickers..can't hunt like a real man. Your slime so is that person that commented to join you.. Grrr I hate you.

Skeeter Malcolm says:

Love watching some untamed bear hunting,the dogs gotta be the best sounds I have ever Heard, great video man

Dwight Harrison says:

Love watching your videos best bear hunting videos ever

Matt Maly says:

Hey Skeeter !!!!!!

Mark Marshall says:

Love the bear videos guys. I just wish that I was healthy enough to come up there and kill one myself. Keep up the great videos. 👍👏🐻🐨🐻‍❄️🐼

Jerry Bond says:

Coon hunting here in pa

razorbuck1 says:

Love the videos guys keep up the good work 👍🏼


Great hunt and video guys! Man that last bear just didn't care, I knew he wasn't gonna take a tree!

MusicMan 66 says:

Do you guys always hunt bear with a 10 22 ruger you use dogs and and once its stuck in a tree you shoot it with a 10 22 your a disgrace

Willie-Joe Camara says:

Heck yea!! That looks like soo much fun. For sure a hunt that I need to do. Keep up the good work on the vids guys. Aloha!!

Cody Perry says:

How do those orange antennas work? As good as the factory ones?

littleaub says:

You have a scope on your gun and you steal need dogs to run the bear up the tree so you can shoot it, that is sad, not to much in hunting there. l m f a o

Jay Seamans says:

We run coyotes here in Pa..Running bears looks like a real good time!

Stropoli Madness says:

Yall need to run them down Cunard in fayette County there loaded down there

david maley says:

Awesome video!!! Glad see some good hunting in the best state there is. Makes me glad to be raised up doing the same thing.

Addicted To Bear Meat says:

So freaking cool! Damn I love these videos.

Sidney Fisher says:

Another great video, the close ups on the treeing hounds were awesome. That last hunt was a joy to watch. Thanks guys for sharing this.

Geoff Shafer says:

Great video. I have missed them. You all are doing a great job. The hounds are doing a great job.

Biggin Rhodes says:

I’ve worked there several times on the HWM

James Kaufman...chasin’ spurs and furs says:

Another great video guys, just wondering how Joshs’ knee surgery went, mine is almost 100% and I’m ready to run hounds soon, keep everyone posted

Paul F says:

Great stuff Guys!!!

oxford821 says:

What’s the season dates for bear hunting in WV? Is this last years hunts that weren’t posted?

Jonathan Shrewsberry says:

Another great video from The Untamed Crew! Awesome day, thanks for sharing!

T.D. Hughart says:

Great hunt done the right way and outstanding hound work. 👍🏻

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