Elephant Hunt of Zimbabwe

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By far the biggest elephant Alain has ever took aim at, this old bull was too incredible to pass up, and the Gunwerks Skuhl .375 Ruger was ready!


Paul Simmons says:

Alan, is your rifle a 375 H&H?

That elephant simply folded, great shot placement!

Ruben Campher says:


Richard Hernandez says:

Great shot wonderful kill zone. Keep up the great shooting.

Roberto suarez tolosa says:

It s a amazing AND fabulous shoots a massive male ELEPHANT nice job AND wonderfull Hunting🥇👍🏆🙃

harleycharley says:

My first thought was….why kill an elephant? Then I saw the condition of the animal and it was a good thing to have him removed…the harsh conditions were very hard on him…Hunting has proven to be the best way of conservation! Good job..great video…what an amazing shot from an amazing gun…it was instantly over!!!

Kalayame Shima Malema says:

Great shot Alain!!!

Archie Seymour says:

Genuinely excellent content, keep it up.

The Voyageur says:

Great show J! When you go to Africa how does the tipping work for the workers, trackers, etc, Do you recommend bringing gifts, knives, personal items, clothing??

The Voyageur says:

Which 375 caliber is it?

The Voyageur says:

So Gunwerks makes 375 rifles now? Is this a custom option? I was wondering when I 1st saw you with a Gunwerks in Africa as I couldn’t see anything above 338 on their sight.

Neil Barnard says:

Outstanding Elephant Hunt! People just need to see what the hunting brings for the species and the people around. My hat goes off to you!

nyseman100 says:

Thank you Mr. Smith for existing. An absolute joy to watch your videos.

Harry Albutt says:

Hope you are doing good.
I showed my father one of your videos today and he told me that he think you have hunted on our farm before. I just want to make sure if this is maybe true, because that would be awesome having a legend like you hunted on our farm in the past. We are in south africa situated in the northern cape. Have you maybe hunted in that area?

Rupert McNaught Davis says:

Lots of very hungry people have been fed vital protein because of this hunt.Well done,just sorry the Old Double didn't get an outing!

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