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When life offers us adventure, there is a choice to be made. Do we embrace the difficult to experience the fantastic, or do we decline to stay safe in our comfortable space. Recently I chose to embrace the difficult and film a hunt in a place that had us all a bit on edge. This is the story of our incredible hunt. I hope you enjoy and I hope you choose to embrace the difficult because the memories and experiences are priceless.

Bezoar Ibex hunting in Turkey.



Christian Andreani says:


blair rowton says:

Dang I’m here at the Sheraton! Soooo close to a hint of a lifetime!!

Ali Qazilbash says:

Bravo! can't wait to make my way around the world, hunting! surely hunting in Turkey is on top of my list of places to go hunting.

Patrick Danysh says:

Excellent video, thank you for sharing!

ILLANK Adventure says:

hunting with family must be very fun..vidio good hunting

Orion Christensen says:

Never in my life have I seen someone carry a dead animal like a backpack

imtiaz ahmad says:

Awesome hunt, and fantastic guides

ian wright says:

That must take some doing…Killing an animal that hasn't seen you with a high powered rifle…..Jeez…You've got some balls…

Chyen & Tammy Plascensia-Walker says:

What a good family moment

Osman Memisevic says:

@ 14:45 into the video… "…Ibex…man, what a beautiful, beautiful animal… "
Well….congratulations on killing it!

vokan says:

In Adana you live with meat

EpicYT TPS says:

those horns!
Keep up the good work my friend! 🙂

wd9581 says:

Awesome. But you have one ad for every Ibex you saw..

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