2020 Alaska Moose Hunt, Two Bulls Down!

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Dave Conley of Canoe the Wild, full time recreation and hunting guide from Maine offers multi day canoe trips on Maine rivers including the Allagash, St. Croix and St. John. In the fall, Dave guides moose hunters from remote outpost camps in Maine’s best WMD (1,2,3 & 4) during Maine’s peak moose rutting season. Just prior to the Maine moose hunting seasons, Dave and his hunting friend Eric Gilman enjoy DIY hunting for moose in remote Alaska. Watch as Dave and Eric harvest a pair of bulls while on their 2020 Alaska moose hunt. Contact Dave for more information about the Maine moose hunting lottery and guaranteed lodge tag hunts for 2022. Note: it is now possible to skip the lottery when purchasing a lodge tag hunt in Maine which can be booked as early as January for the 2022 season.


Mitchum’s Adventures says:

What an awesome experience! Congratulations. My wife was able to draw a WA OIL Moose tag in 2020. Check out the video on our page. Thx for sharing your adventures!

Jeremy Tuck says:

Great guys right here both was my teachers in east grand

Darren Compton says:

Congratulations on a great hunt! Thanks for sharing your experience.

Collin Rippey says:

The mass on that bull was crazy great job!

FBM Maine Outdoor Journal says:

Nice job men!

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