We Finally Found It! (Hunting a Massive Long Antlered Deer Success!)

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Join the team as they hunt down a big old Stag in some amazing private land deer country.

Out there doing it with JE Wilds. Join Joe E, Joe F and Katherine as they hunt one of their favourite Deer species. Big Stag hunt with plenty of amazing experiences. Lots of Deer seen and a whole lot of laughs.

Hunting, Camping and living in the Wild – Let me take you on a virtual Hunt.

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A JE Wilds Vlog.

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Gregory Momtero says:

Good shop men

SJV 2021 says:

Beautiful clean kill!, great job all three of you! Stag dropped like a sack of potatoes.

rijit nunisa says:

Cant Hunt in India but Love to see you guys doing just that on the other side.

Minlen Kilong says:

Fuck your video it's so disgusting

DiscoDave says:

amazing content as always mate

vicgarrett says:

Awesomeness. Watched it on the big screen to enhance the brilliance

Owen Frost says:

what country are u in

Reo Marcilo says:


Year1Organics says:

U kill for no reason, life is worth more then your taste buds.

Paul Deschamps says:

If a woman farts in the woods and there's no man there to here it…….did she really fart?

mickeychesbrough says:

Another great video/hunt..great work Team Joe

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