Newfoundland Moose Hunting – Island Safaris (Full Hunt)

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This is a great video done by our guide Deon Dicks when guiding with Island Safaris. Hope you enjoy!
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Our Outdoor Life Newfoundland says:

Awesome my buddy, new subscriber here, loves ya videos keep them coming, say hello to the oldman for us…

rusty728 says:

Being a Newfie, that hasnโ€™t been home in many years, this was a fond memory of home and Newfoundland hospitality.

Ron Lewis says:

Jesus turn the sound up

Robert. Pratt says:

What type of rifles are you using

Raymond Teska says:

Ooo Boy Moose Nose & Pototes

Rudy Henstridge says:

What Part of nfld,,,,Great video

Kevin Wynants says:

great video thanks

dave stenerson says:

Is there no way to muffle the wind noise??

Matt Sobiera says:

Great Video, I'm a guide here in Ontario and I really think your videos are greatโ€ฆ very honest and realistic. Nice job!

Lee Watson says:

One of the best Vids I have seen. Better than some of the Wild TV shows that we pay for. I checked your prices, if you matched my NL Outfiitter in MMA 9 ย I would give you a shot. Till than…great vid. Nova Scotia

NTycingProductions says:

Nice to see the Lady hunting, and a great shot with an old lee Enfield, was pretty cool to see.ย  Nice Moose out your way.

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