Large Caliber Coyote Hunt DOUBLE KILL!

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Jon Collins Oregon black bear hunt quickly turns into a coyote hunt. Watch Jon absolutely blow up a pair of coyotes with his bear rifle.


Fernando Zocco says:

Used second shut a finished

Ethan Mulvany says:

I live in eastern Oregon. What unit were you guys hunting bears in?

Andrew Huch says:

fuckin awesome

Super says:

100+ Head shot 2x
100+ Double Kill

Justin Horn says:

Would you be interested in trying the smallest caliber on coyotes? Like ruger 10/22

USNVA says:

That dawg has summer legs – summer this way, summer that way…

Trappojo32 says:

But there would not be enough coyotes to go around

Trappojo32 says:

Love what you guys do u wish everybody was like us

Darren Lingerfelt says:

7mm? No wonder the first ones leg slapped him in the head when you pulled the
Keep on killing

Iva Buckley says:

Love to watch your videos, especially when they jumped in the air, and rolling around 🦊🦊

John Morris says:

Lol one time we were bear hunting no luck and their was this grouse lol and it was just staring at me so i put the 7mm rem mag to its head it didnt even move away so i blasted it and their was a half of it left lol

David Harris says:

Put the HowlerHammer down on some fur!

100%beast power says:

That was freaking awsomeπŸ€” ok ☺

Tsvetan Tsekov says:

Nice. Have a good day. Best regards from Bulgaria.

Henning Radasewski says:

Beautiful country! Reminds me of my home here in hawkes bay, new Zealand

Darren Kastl says:

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S Lit says:

It was bigger till he BLEW THE SHIT OUT OF IT

dilkrahn says:

what kind of bi-pod is that?

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