Bowhunting 12 animals in South Africa

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A few of my bowhunts that I got on video over the past few years. Thank you Sensational Hunting Safaris.

Gear used:
82 pound Hoyt Double XL @32.5″
Carbon Core Big Game Nitro 250 shafts
125gr SlickTrick Magnum and Magnus Black Hornet
TAW 647gr @263fps


Kim Hoàng says:

Cuồng sát! Bắn nhiều thế để làm gì?

Kalpesh Vaghasiya says:

God never forgive him

Mob Enterprise says:

When rich americans go to another's man land to destroy..what to they name it…FUN hunting

The African Allure Outdoors says:

Great compilation many memories right there!!!

Mw Scheepers says:

Jis,oom skiet better as ek en ek skiet nou eers 'n jaar boog

Brandon Eloff says:

Perfekte skoot op daai willebees koei!!! Well done. Ander ook goeie skote by the way!

AV Bowhunting says:

Awesome video man! Great shooting!🤘🏼

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