The Hunt of a Lifetime | British Columbia Caribou & Moose (Amazon Episode)

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The hunt of a lifetime. My childhood dream hunt was always to go to the Cassiar region of British Columbia to hunt mountain Caribou. In this episode of Fresh Tracks, I get to fulfill that dream and get to hunt Moose as well, making the trip even more special.

Heading to northern British Columbia we cover miles and miles of country on horseback scanning the tundra for a mature mountain Caribou. The landscape is beautiful, harsh, memorable and exceeds my expectations that I set as a young boy reading an article about mountain caribou in my school library.

This hunt was about fulfilling life-long dreams. Let this episode be an inspiration for you to go and chase that dream of yours; no matter what it is.


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Mikalyn Strecker Munoz says:

My dream hunt is caribou

Perfecto M says:

What is the name of the outfitter you guys used for this hunt?

Chris says:

I couldn't help but laugh when I heard the accents. What are New Zealanders doing guiding northern BC? Nothing wrong with it but for a split second I thought "Aren't you guiding awfully far from home". But I guess a good guide is a good guide and with experience they can go anywhere. I guess Even Remi Warren helped guide Steve Rinella in New Zealand so I guess it goes both ways.

Jnalj Jnalj says:

Your quotes towards the end struck a chord with me. "We all have dreams. You have a dream. Go do that." "Hunt when you can. You're gonna run outta health before you run outta money." Thanks Randy.

Loading Pls wait. says:

Did you have to draw for the tags?

Michael Stanek says:

Randy I watch your video on hunting in Wyoming, a little back ground. I hunted many years ago up in Northwest corner of Montana. The Eureka area I saw many elk and moose, but always miles up in high elevation. I did get shot a 5×5 mule deer it score 191.
I'm 67 fair to good health I'm looking to have one more shot at see maybe shoot a nice elk.
My question is what area in Wyoming would you recommend? The years I hunted in Montana with my cousin and some of there friends. I still today remember those days very clearly. The rush of see a 2 moose at 50yards but no tag. Or when I shot my muley at 150 yds with 35m/h wind in my face and shaking so hard in -10°. If any of the guys help I appreciate it.
Mike from Wisconsin

Zelda Robinson says:

So glad you are continuing to follow your dreams and glad you love the Cascades in Northern BC. having lived in Northern BC for years and loving it because it is so vast and wild and free, beautiful country great video thank you and stay safe

Jesse says:

How can you pat the moose on the back and thank it after you gunned it down like an absolute amateur. Horrific, total lack of empathy.

Nick Zarzi says:

That's probably the best hunting videos I've ever seen in my young life. The cut of the video, music, visuals. Just perfection!
The beginning gave me goosebumps.

M1keG 23 says:

Both caribou and moose are my dream hunts! One day I’ll do that!

Analiese Gaffey says:

As a hunter and horseman this is so impressive!

Wileon Smuts says:

love the video! so cool to see a couple of random Kiwis too haha

money x says:

what caliber is your rifle chambered in??

The Off Grid Hunter says:

This is the best episode you have ever done!

Keven Widrig says:

Nice and respectful presentation of the hunt .Hard to find these days. From one who has been there. done that.

Jason DAmelio says:

Little confused on why you rush to take a bull down if you didn't have a clear kill shot? You even managed to take off a part of the rack.

dryden jones says:

he is the kind of man that sheds light on hunting

Brian Call: Gritty says:

SUCH A GOOD PRODUCTION! Loved this episode! Brings back memories. I had a great time with that crew when I was there. Solid folk. 💯

PII says:

Randy is an inspiration, I'm 60 years aged, I believe I can still go the distance after seeing Randy go hard. Thanks Randy, Kalispell here.

Joe Dirte says:

Love this video. So happy for Randy to fulfill a dream, and to do it in such an amazing way!

Ronald Trombley says:

anybody notice something walking in the trees at 6:24 of the video

Flyagaric Life says:

Childhood dream to kill stuff

Valdrmort says:

those horses look defeated

Doug Cherry says:

Marcus great job filming. I have watched this episode several times because it is so beautiful to watch. The detail in the image is so good you can even see pieces of antler fly off over 300 yards away. 😉

Levi Anderson says:

Phenomenal is all I can say…. Well done!

MarlinMark444 says:

Randy is a shooter…..he is a rifleman.

Macmathews1 says:

Randy, love your attitude !! Your a beauty !

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