CrossBow Hunting from a GROUND BLIND!! (As Real as it Gets) Call of the WILD THEHUNTER 2018

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The Most Realistic Ground Blind hunting with a Cross Bow!!

Cross Bow Hunting for Cape Buffalo from a Ground Blind!


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MY PC: IbuyPower Monitor: Asus 24”
Intel Core: i7-7700 CPU @ 3.6GHz / 16 GB Ram 64- bit Op System
Game Settings: Very HIGH Anisotropic Filtering: 16
Recording Settings: 1080 HD

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Intro: Universal- Vibe Tracks & Cologne 1983- Josh Kirsch Media Right Productions
Outro: Zoom- Vibe Tracks

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EZ FL0W3373 says:

That was an awesome buffalo hunt have a good weekend

officialkingjake says:

Do you even hunt in real life

Kwandile Milksin says:

Can i play this game on intel inside

Mason Warner says:

U using 600 grain ?

Aaron Hernandez says:

This Jonathan Hernandez and ike you show I am a big fan

Bigger Cheese says:

7:55 look at the score

Countryboy5565 says:

Where were you on the map when you did this? I wanna try this sometime on my map

Davide Pierdominici says:

I love this crossbow. >>> I got it when I was supposed to. It's very easy to assemble. Compared to a few of my buddy's crossbow that they paid over price for they are very impressed and one even remarked I should have listened to you and went with the sniper 370.

Clayton Adams says:

super good vid dd!

Benjamin Carmona says:

Hey dd33 i have a problem with my Xbox one i have the hunter call of the wild and like a week ago i bought surhonga savanna and it doesn't let me play the map it's says blocked downloadable content i don't know if u could help me with that but if u could thank u .

Jennifer mankotya says:

I dropped a cape Buffalo with a crossbow today 100% quick kill

Jennifer mankotya says:

You have to pin this comment if you love your fans

The phantom Gamer says:

Dd33 I recommend if you find a diamond potential animal, aim for the neck or spine!!

Hunter 4 Life says:

hey dd33 can you playΒ  cabelas outdoor adventures 2010

Hunter 4 Life says:

flinter said the new animal is a mallared duck

Hunter 4 Life says:

hey dd33 I just found your channel yesterday and I am already subscribed nice buffalo

LMB Archer says:

you can zero for 72

Big Meat Entertainment says:

Damn bro. That crossbow looks like it does more work than the 470… well done man. Nice hunt!

TheMinisterofDefence says:

Man, ground blinds and crossbows are clearly the best way to hunt buffalo! So cool. Do they not ever see you or find you AT ALL, when you are in the blind? It looks like they get ready to retaliate but they don't figure out where the attack is coming from. wow, i gotta try that. awesome video.

garrett johnson says:

Does anybody know what a crowned springbok looks like or is there even one

Joshua Eivers says:

Why don't you go for spine shots with the bow on Cape buffalo

Devin Gentz says:

great video dd thanks again for the great content love love love it:) great buffalo would fill the freezer for awhile

Dimi says:

There's 20 meters between each dot. When you're zeroed for 10, the dots are 10-30-50, when zeroed for 30 they are 30-50-70, … 50-70-90. Hope that helps you out to make those perfect shots. They drop dead when you got the spine in their hump. 2 inches from the top is the drop dead zone. Works with the .470 too.

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