Bowhunting Nyala in South Africa

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This is more than just a hunting story. This is an opportunity to show what conservation and game management is all about. Bowhunting is a fast-growing sport in Africa, and with a wide variety of animals distributed across the continent, the opportunities are endless! In this episode I meet up with well-known bowhunter Redge Grant and head out on my first bow hunt.

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DISCLAIMER: This video has been produced and uploaded with the intention of providing educational content that encourages safe and ethical practices. None of the products used in this video were designed for use on human beings – Only targets and animals. I DO NOT sell firearms or firearm parts – I provide information about airguns and bolt action rifles for enthusiasts who wish to educate themselves. All effort has been made to adhere to and respect YouTube’s firearm policies. By viewing or flagging this video you are acknowledging the above.


17sepp17 says:

Wow 👍🧠

Hunt Gauge says:

You want a great example of how to tell an engaging hunting story… watch this #HuntGauge Gold #HuntingVideo, 3:25 .This is what ethical hunting is all about. Not only was there a good #FarmManagmentLesson taking out this beaten up #Nyala, but this newbie #BowHunter knew his shooting limitations and allowed the more experienced Hunter to take the shot instead. #HonestHunting

dr faisal srk ark says:

Faisal koock

dr faisal srk ark says:

De kock good

Quetzachapin says:

That Nyala was clearly not well. It seemed that you settled for the sick one since you couldn’t sneak up to the other ones.

Momo Laator says:

You took so much

Mona Osman says:

I wonder if African hunters over thousands of years have that type of Bow?

Dustin H says:

they make a slip on cover for boots and a sole pattern called air Bob's are very quiet

SgtBorkMcWoof says:

I have the same scale! but its covered in sticky stuff

Classic H says:

Thanks amazing got a bow 3days ago still practicing

Felix Martinez says:

this is cool

Stephen Haber says:

well done, all around.

WildMind TV says:

Awesome video. Ethical kill. Bravo.

JustinAm 60 says:

Probably the most professional looking videos on YouTube

Philippe FRATER says:

Nice job, well done! Regards from France…

Jason Katashi says:

is there some kind of poison in ur arrow head dude?

Danilo Steinke says:

amazing shot nice.

John Smith says:

Im seriously impressed by this channel. Living the life. I can almost feel that sun on my face.

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