Big Game Hunting in Far Cry 4

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The Asian rhino is one of Kyrat’s most magnificent beasts, whose thick hide is surprisingly resilient – even to grenades.


Levar Barren says:

Help me the rhino gonna to eat me.

Aman Asadi says:

you have gta crew called ign crew?

B&D OutDoors says:

I'm in the ign crew

Holmkvists says:

Killing rhinos for the equipment upgrades made me feel horrible. 

Bethan Lewis says:

Funny as hell

Simon Tan says:

Ride an elephant and chase the rhino and whack it with the trunk. That way u can get double skins as the integrity is preserved.

Nordlige Vikingen says:

Wait so the rhino has ammo? Lol

Sajirou Plays says:

The Asian Rhino you can tell apart from others because it carries ammunition.

Monkey FunkR says:

Toss some plastic explosive onto it's face, that'll do the trick. So long as you can find a piece of it, you can loot it. 😉

Adam Wilding says:

For god sake chill out. Its not like the video game is going make us all want to go out a kill Asian Rhino's. Its just a game developed for entertainment and as the guy talking on it he I one funny guy and I fun one love this piss taking video. Stop taking things so serious and relax

Razor HK says:

At a moment i thought he was going to pull out a bullet out of his arm after being hit by a rhino lol

Jacob Vini says:

I recently had a try at the demo at an expo ,even though it isn't the final product ,the game just didn't feel that great as farcry 3, seemed abit bland .i hope they step up the game to make it more exciting

ikpure says:

nobody here seemed to give a shit about rhinos before this video came up … lol

Krazer Stylez says:


hafeez salam says:

So laugh i forgot to funny.

haikal hadzik says:

the voice funny

Maximum Joy says:

reppin' south wales

Gourd says:

fuckin georgie shore shit

Raptorialand says:

Peta is crying right now…

Luis José Morales says:

Is it me or this is just Far cry 3 And snow???

Gustavo Rifan says:

That machine gun is fucking awesome! That god its still in the game. Thanks ubisoft

seznova says:

humour is divisive, but I enjoyed this

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