The Airgun Show – fruit farm rabbit and pigeon hunt, PLUS the Lee Enfield Sentry…

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We’re in the field with Richard Saunders this week, carrying out vital pest control on a fruit farm. Richard adopts a roving approach with his Daystate and MTC combo and manages to bag fur and feather for the camera.

On the test bench this week we have the Lee Enfield Sentry from The Shooting Party. This affordable PCP offers a passport to recoil-free shooting without breaking the bank. Bridging the gap between sporter and tactical styling it also boasts very distinctive looks – tune in to see what Mat makes of it.

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Derrick's Adventures says:

What regulator does it have in it

Daniel Reynolds says:

I'm guessing not ambidextrous

James Johnson says:

Tuned in to see the Lee Enfield review and to my surprise, I got a bonus video from the wonderful Rich Saunders and Neil Davis. Keep up the good work chaps.

Andrew Lambert says:

I hope you eat what you shoot. !!!!! Your lucky to have a place to hunt. Here in Sheffield, there's no where to hunt.

about the metal says:

Is the Lee Enfield made in China? Like the smk (Artemis rifles)

Jerry says:

Richard must be the sponsor..he acts like a tourist LOL ..2 dots hold over on 35 metres..guess he zeroed at 10..haha..Only joking like your show anyway 😉

Engaged Defensive says:

Great episode! What is that on top of Richard’s scope, near the front?

greedy gringo prospecting says:

did i tell you i shot an old refrigerator with my wolverine .303 100 ft/lbs. and most of the pellets went through. beast of a pellet gun

nigel base says:

Think yourself lucky you have some rabbits to shoot…disappearing everywhere I've ever shot them!….good video, nice shooting keep up the good work 👍

gblan says:

Did you see a bustle in your hedgerow?

Nick says:

Nice one Richard


can u give me one of your gun

knoxieman says:

This show really is my YouTube highlight, nice to see that daystate with its wooden stock I'm tired of the all stripped down metal FX impact guns style everyone seems to show all the time, keep up the great work on this show guys it's enjoyed by so many.

Ashraf Algadi says:

How come you have to hold over for targets at 36 meters !!!!! What's the pellets speed? If your rilfe 880 fps or more you ain't suppose to hold over for targets at this distance

684 IH says:

Great show as usual Matt, nice to see affordable kit being reviewed. Thanks.

Mohan Madrid says:

Yeah boy im da first

gammon baldy says:

Hell of a shot on the first rabbit., Sub 12 lb, well done Richard.

David Betts says:

A nice looking airgun.

Harry Hurr says:

Great video can't wait till the next video

Robin Fischer says:

How much joule has the gun?

chopperhehehe says:

Cracking shooting from Richard Nice sharp gun done the job
No probs
Nice resnoble priced air rifle from Matt
Good show

UK Air Gunner says:

Great video as usual lads 👍

hardcore fisherman says:

What a great programme this fortnite brilliant keep up the great work stay safe

Matt hewitt says:

good review thanks.

NOT SURE says:

ive just got a lee enfield sentry ,(traded in my gamo phox ) and its an awesome gun , very easy to fill , 50 more shots per fill than the gamo, and zero recoil . Ive hydrodipped my in a woodland camo , the wooden part and the plastic grip , mounted a scope and im very happy with it , although i might put a decent silencer on it next

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