Long Range Shooting & Varmint Hunting: Spring Preview 2017

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This video is the spring preview of our 2017 long range shooting and hunting in the mountains of northern Idaho. Shots are taken at distances from 287 to 1245 yards with a variety of precision rifles. One of the rifles that is used frequently in this video is our Savage LRP, chambered in 260 Remington. See the full review of this rifle at: http://panhandleprecision.com/savage-model-12-lrp-off-shelf-precision/

Stay tuned for more bullet trace video as we prepare for our fall hunting seasons!


George Talamantes says:

Man that kid can shoot. Does he do training? Haha. Very impressive young man, obviously yiur dad is very proud!

Long range Lead slinger says:

That kids a brilliant shot ,

Gone Ballistic says:

that was awesome

Javier Herrera says:

Dear Lord, that shot placement!

Patrick Ibrahim says:

Those vapor trails are sexy af

Adair Hernandez Buendia says:

This is a weird but I can see the sound waves of when the kid was shooting at the Boulder is that normal to see or is it because of the way the camera is picking up the bullet?

p j says:

All I have to say is WOW… awesome shooting. I wonder who's going to be a sniper when he grows up!?…great job.

Matthew Muzzy says:

How does one find a place to shoot like this?

krmatiu says:

Another great video thanks, great shooting Jake πŸ‘

Roger C says:

I agree that this young man can really shoot very well, but for all saying that he could be a sniper in the army someday, just know that the gear used in the army is not nearly as nice as his current setup. M24's are meant to hold a minimum of 1MOA at a hundred and the scopes are a lot less expensive and dont have the quality or magnification that he has currently. Those are high cost custom guns with extremely expensive glass and tuned hand loads. That all being said, this kid could definitely still shoot very well with a setup that is a lot more modest but essentially his gear would limit him quite a bit.

Eat black angus says:

Lad just put me down in shooting, no doubt. That’s good

Kapper Outdoors says:

AWESOME man, great motivation! just started long range shooting with my new Savage BA10 Stealth, 6.5 Creedmoor!

Nathan Willis says:

Hell yeah good shooting by both of you, trying to figure out why 12 people would downvote this.

ZEUKI1 says:

Awesome shooting guys !! you look very familiar, have you ever been shooting at Rock Lake Rifle Range south of Spokane ?

Mr. Grinch says:

Looks like fun!

Salt on earth. says:

What scope and magnification that you and your son were making with these fine shots?

Alan Perry says:

Father and son he is going to have fond memareys of you ser well done

BloominLife says:

Good work guys!

Jack Sturges says:

What kind of rifles do y'all use

3006USMC says:

Nevermind the AWESOME shooting… please do a video on how the hell do you guys get out there and set up targets and such….!

thizzle91 says:

Amazing. On that little squirrel target also lol I loved it

Sagebrushbob says:

This is how parenting should be done! I must admit I'm rather envious of your shooting range up there. Our mountains down here in SW Idaho don't have any of those tall, skinny green things growing on 'em. Let's see… I used to know what those things were called. Lemme see… sorry just can't remember after living here for 40 years. πŸ™‚


With all your time behind the MOAR and the MOAR-T, can you talk about the two reticles and pros & cons of each one? I have an ATACR with the MOAR-T and I am thinking of getting one of the 7-35 ATACR's but not sure if I would like the MOAR. Thanks for the awesome videos. Always looking forward to your next video.

catwrench3 says:

Damn, that kid can shoot! Good job Dad!!

cr500mike says:

Great shooting from both of you ..LIKED

XRing15 says:

Great vid!! Fun to watch!! Your boy is rocking it.

Joe Cizin says:

Great clarity in the video, A question for Jake, what is his favorite rifle to shoot?

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