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The whole crew is together in todays video to announce the winner of our most requested giveaway ever! Did you win?

Thank you to everyone who participated! What should our next big giveaway be? Leave us some ideas in the comments!

#Hushlife #BestSeasonYet

Shop for all of our HUSH merchandise here – http://bit.ly/GetHushinStore

Check out all of our codes here – https://linktr.ee/GetHushin

Get Social with us:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gethushin/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GetHushin/

Caseys IG: https://www.instagram.com/caseylavere/
Eric’s IG: https://www.instagram.com/eric_chesser/
Brian’s IG: https://www.instagram.com/bmack_19/

“HUSH” Discount Codes for YOU –

Use code “HUSH” to save at checkout. Our code is active for their entire website now http://bit.ly/MTNOPSHUSHSERIES

Stealthcam —
30% OFF all Stealth Cam Products with “HUSH” Discount Code
Stealth Cam: https://bit.ly/3sLOE4M 
Our favorites – DS4K, G34 Series

OnXhunt –
20% off all HUNT App Memberships with “HUSH” Discount Code
OnXhunt: https://bit.ly/OnXHuntApp

Phone Skope –
10% OFF Phone Skope Adapters and Products with “HUSH” Discount Code
Phone Skope: https://bit.ly/36XGIEC

Delta McKenzie Targets
FREE SHIPPING on Delta Targets with the use of the “HUSH” Discount Code

SEVR Broadheads
Get $5.00 off any purchase with the use of the “HUSH” Discount Code”

First Lite –
We love the fusion & cipher patterns for western style hunts and the spector pattern for the whitetail style hunts.
First Lite: https://bit.ly/3wruVdd

We use the Tundra series for our hunting trips and the Hopper series for our fishing trips or when flying meat home
The Tundra 210 will fit an entire quartered out elk in it!
YETI: https://bit.ly/37V3PPG

Can-Am – http://bit.ly/Can-AmOffRoadVehicles
Outlander ATV’s
Defender UTV’s

Hoyt –
2021 Bows:
Casey – Hoyt Ventum 30 | Buckskin – Orange Accents
Eric – Hoyt Ventum 30 | Custom First Lite Fusion Dipped – Brown Accents
Bmack – Hoyt Ventum 30 | Wilderness Green – Yellow Accents
Logan – Hoyt Helix | Grey with Orange Accents
Hoyt Archery: https://bit.ly/39pb1Vt

Easton –
Eric | Easton Carbon Injections
Casey | Easton FMJ 4mm
Bmack & Logan | Easton Axis 5mm
Easton Archery: https://bit.ly/3ds7vvk

Vortex Optics –
Our set up | Razor UHD Bino’s 10×42’s – Razord HD Spotting Scope 85mm Angled | Razor HD 4000 Range Finder
Vortex Optics: https://bit.ly/39xTETb

Weatherby, Inc. –
Casey, Eric & Bmack
– Vanguard Hush Edition – Available in .257 Wby Mag, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5-300 Wby Mag, 7mm Rem Mag & .300 Wby Mag.
Weatherby, Inc: http://bit.ly/WeatherbyHushEdition

EXO Mountain Gear Packs
K3 Frame & 4800 Fusion Bag is our primary pack

Camp Chef –
Grilling on the back deck or backcountry camping…these guys have everything you could ask for –
Camp Chef: https://bit.ly/2PpVte2

Hanwag Boots –
Casey | Markra Trek
Eric | Tatra Trek
Bmack | Makra Combi
Hanwag Hunting Boots: http://bit.ly/HanwagHuntingBoots

More gear we use – https://www.amazon.com/shop/hushin


Hushin says:

Thank you all for the continued support! Let us know what other type of giveaways you'd like to see below. We will try and do 1-2 bigger ones like this each year and then a bunch of ones that are free by joining our VIP Text Group where we giveaway a ton of cool gear.

The time has come….let's pick a winner!

Carole Mitchell says:

I'm not old enough to get an elk where I live but I love she'd hunting and I also live in pogosa springs. I've herd that hush comes down here in new Mexico and gives away free stuff. I have a question, do you have hush hats in youth size? Thank you for all vids.

down stream says:

Definitely think more hunt giveaways are the best….

Eric Wiitala says:

This was awesome! Congrats to Adam! 6 out of 8 years is impressive! 👍

J M says:

What a lucky lucky man

Scott Gibson says:

Huge congrats to the winner. Hush crew, keep it real guys 😎👍

buck Trap says:

I knew it was not me probably because I don't have the money to buy stuff

Alan jackson says:

Full pack with gear giveaway

dakota emerine says:

You guys should do horn hunting trip giveaway with someone

Josh aka Bucks and Bulls addict says:

Man am I jealous! Good news is I have a lot of new gear, clothing and game bags to break in!! Congrats Adam! Thanks Hush crew as always!

William Fisher says:

I love hearing these winners. It's awesome.

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