Duck Hunting in The Morning & Buck Hunting in The Afternoon! Call Of The Wild

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shadowlord 17762 says:

Never hit the notification so fastπŸ˜‚. I'm done with school, so I can stay up late and watch your videos. Nice vid! I need to hunt with the shotguns and handguns more. That's after I get all stuff for the bows unlocked.

Austin Woodruff says:

Hey brother! Where is the lake where you're hunting whitetail when you doubled up? I've hunted it before but didn't play Layton Lakes for forever and forgot which lake it is 🀣🀣

Charlie Rauch says:

Awesome hunt

Jason Schroeder says:

How do you get the 20 Gauge?

Axton Duncan says:

Thank you for this vid. I got in my first car crash today. I am 13 it was very nerve-wracking but I am ok. This video made me feel a lot better!! Keep up the great work😊

Nick Cosellian says:

Can my laptop run this game? (HP Envy x360 / 8GB RAM / 30-60FPS) I tried playing it, was Ultra slow and my fan was freaking out trying to keep up. Do you need a high tech Computer to run this game? Not sure if mine can or not.

Bush Whacker says:

What was the biggest buck u got in real life

Claydrew2104 says:

Nice max score mallard!!

Sam Goguen says:

Thatsecond duck was a max score and weight

Roman Graziano says:

I suck at the hunter call of the wild

Alligator Vlogs says:

Can you reach out to the creators of the hunter and ask them if they can add squirrels

Miick Fishing says:

Hey could you do a try to kill a animal with every gun in call of the wild

RhinoRyan88 YT says:

i have returned

Travis Campbell says:

The first killing the duck not even gonna lie started yelling like it was the Super Bowl and my team won

pierce607 says:

Good stuff! thanks for sharing. I've hammered so many ducks… and never gotten, or even seen a diamond (potential). It's driving me crazy haha. Seriously, I got so many of my levels, and most of my coin sitting in blinds, waiting for ducks/geese to show up while I was doing other things. And still, nada. But, I actually changed my method, and just use tripods now haha. Saves the hunting pressure, just like the blinds… but a better vantage point. It allows me to find other game more easily as well. I do have to get down to collect the ducks, rather than setting the blind on the water's edge (great 7 Mary Three song), but the good out weighs the negative in the tripod.

Alyxandra Ingram says:

Dude the 20 ga has got some power irl and in game


Don't read my username lol

Kai Evans says:

Next time can you do turkey in the morning and whitetail in the afternoon that’s what I do in the fall sometimes.

Fornite GOD says:

I got a question DD33 I am trying to figure out how you can see health and there weight when you spot the animal you are hunting I have been trying to figure it out but I can’t!

Wolverine Wilderness says:

So yesterday was my bday and my first ever diamond! A nice cape buffalo! At this one pond on vurhonga. Then my friend and I duck hunted with the starter 243.

Antonio Maritato says:

My fist dimond was mallard

Antonio Maritato says:

Great vid DD33

Levi Kinsey says:

Hey DD those were some good bucks.and congrats on the diamond ducks

Malik Broberg says:

I wish they could add elephants 🐘 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜€πŸ€πŸ‘πŸ»

Zac sucks at YouTube says:

Is the m1 broken again I double lunged a whitetail and it rain like 200 yards and then the harvest screen showed double lung which could be glitch but idk

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