Bear hunting from the ground, 2 Bears Down with LongBow!

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Follow once again as we get lucky and take 2 bears during one sit in Northern Saskatchewan. Both bears shot with our trusty BigStick Gremlin Longbow.


John Bell says:

Great job as always, like the replays of the shots!

The Rural Heathen says:

Taking notes wanted to bear hunt but my neighbors seem to have exclusive rights to the property for bear some agreement with her family I guess. So I need to plan a public hunt and be respectful of the other bear hunters

fishermandancrook says:

That's awesome!

Zipped right through. Legit video as usual. Keep em coming!

noel hebert says:

Another great hunt , love it. Congrats

Jits Apprentice says:

Wow clean through him.

nicky b says:

Awesome new video I love when you guys post videos I always enjoy them

Sean Coppersmith says:

Unreal, most people won’t pull that off in a lifetime and you guys do it twice in a couple weeks!! The boys never going to want to shoot another bow as long as he lives πŸ˜‚

Traditional Bowhunting And Wilderness Podcast says:

another great hunt and great video! Congrats to you both!

C A says:

What a hunt!! Love your videos.


Send me y'all's luck rabbits foot when you mail my quiver… Y'all are on a hot streak!

T C says:

what bow weight was used?

Brice Hale says:

You guys are awesome love the hunts

Chad Kampster says:

You boys are getting good at this one bow two bears thing.πŸ˜„ congratulations.

Ron Westra says:

you guys are fun to watch keep it up

Lucas Rogencamp says:

Nice job πŸ‘
What was the arrow setup for this hunt?

Adrian Barbosa says:


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