4 Idiots Go Bigfoot Hunting | Bigfoot Funny Moments

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Hey guys! For today’s video we do something a little different and we have Jayden’s POV as well!

Jayden’s quality was omega doodoo but we should have it fixed by next video

Anyways me and the boys go Bigfoot hunting and might continue this again in the future!

Thanks for watching!
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Cruz Vergara says:

bruh jaydens camera quality is the funniest thing

Obi Wan Kenobi says:

You should play Trench Maze in Roblox it's actually pretty scary 4 player game

ʜᴏʀɴs says:

Bro i love you content so much, i hope your subscribers get to 1M, i want to see you guys play with your friends like 6-10.

pyxl epicninja says:

everone:SHOOT THE THING kobe: GET 360

Its_ Illusion says:

Yo ima big fan I’ve been here for a long time I tell my friends about u cause ur underated asf

Shadow King says:

Does Jayden have yt chann

Kaden Miller says:

Havent wee already seen his face in that eating vid? They were eating something spicy or some shit.

Doggy Dude says:

I haven't watched ur vids in a while and I regret it they're hillarious lol

xkilxvax says:

I was laughing too much so now my heart hurts

Nolan Vang says:

Why is it dark byw

Dexmond Khoo says:

0:15 I’m getting flashbacks from roblox isle

wow letmein says:

11:00 "yall hear sum?

Dj Barquez says:

I would like to see Jimbo do the demonic laugh…

Kanno says:

I can't stop imitating mike's voice while playing a horror game

help me

Niko says:

You Guys should Play a Horror Game on Roblox known as "De Pride Isle Sanatorium" It's really good and It has a Twist!

bengz clemente says:

Im idiot because of the game

MyZoomGotCrazy says:

i have chores but this is more important

Yumi says:

Shit i am late


The flare gun is used to kill the BigFoot

Razaq Abhimanyu says:

peak comedy

Ni’mah H says:

his smile stands out so well it’s honestly amazing i love it

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