Trophy hunting: how it can protect Africa's wildlife | The Economist

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Trophy hunting sparks outrage around the world. But the highly controversial sport can actually help to protect some of Africa’s most endangered big animals. Here’s how.

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Dao the Eternal Nameless Beyond Thought says:

Anarcho Liberty triggering antinatal fake empathy vegan enviormentalist determinist statist duality false selves/egos…they seek conflict with their illusions…

Yasser Baali says:

What's next? How drinking water makes you thirsty?

Rynaldy Cavdra says:

I think the trophy hunting ia very unethical activity, But why this video have Misunderstant title ?

mel pal says:

Sometimes the hunters become the hunted…

Borat's Cousin says:

I don't see chickens becoming extinct anytime soon. We should lock up all the lions, elephants etc in factory farms like chickens. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Borat's Cousin says:

Americans to themselves : Live free or die!!
Americans to Africans : Slavery = job security

Borat's Cousin says:

What's next? A documentary claiming that the stable "job" security, lack of worrying about housing and other admirative chores of being an American plantation "worker" is better than starving and living with the "animals" of Africa?

assassinate241 says:

So once again it's privileged white people using the moral high ground argument to argue black peoples needs and traditions.
I hope my race will get better.

birchthebirch says:

Now this is a conversation worth having

Phillip says:

This video is probably funded by the trophy hunters themselves

Sweet Vuvuzela says:

Let’s start shooting people too highest bidder wins

CD 90 says:

Here's how we can protect endangered animals. Shoot dead anyone who shows interest in wanting to go and shoot an endangered animal.

In essence, do to them, what they want to do to others. An eye for an eye. Just take the Police out the equation, and watch, me, fly.

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