President of Botswana Responds To Protestor About Elephant Hunting

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Grace Tamara says:

This stupid one has been paid….the problem when we have sick, greedy and non reasoning leaders…who don't care about their pple….I wonder what kind of greed this is such that even when being paid so well as a president…it's not enough for you….you have to be out there still looking for more such that you can sell your pple just to get money… you're an agent of the devil!

Joseph wilson says:

He a sale out

thierry nolevaux says:

One term leader. Too stupid and corrupt.

Norman Wells says:

This guy is good. He doesn't owe her an explanation but he was so patient and goodnatured and just calmly refuted her lame arguments. I would have presented her with a bill for the damage elephants cause.

Yame Motshosi says:

O mo humbotse shemz….

Kuda Ndanga says:

I have just completed a film on the lifting on the ban on elephant hunting. Producing this film gave me an opportunity to travel around the country an see first hand the challenges that Botswana faces with elephants and the lack of biodiversity in Areas like the Chobe.

Only a morons like karenaria can speak without knowledge. I have seen first-hand abandoned houses, damaged fields, destroyed irrigation systems and greaving families. The area that houses elephants in Botswana can not take more that 40 000 yet there are 130 000 elephants.

Matthias Markus says:

Da sollten sich unsere Politiker ein Beispiel nehmen.
Herr President , besser kann man es nicht machen.

Inquilab Zindabad says:

Translocate Bostwana Elephants to other countries. Looks like this Greedy man has been paid by the Hunting Lobby

ServantoftheoneTrueGod AlmightyGod says:

Stop lying. The largest don't come from there. You didn't do anything the former presidents did.

Jasiri says:

You have only been Botswana's President for a year. How do you take credit for any wildlife conservation? You can not. Save the elephants.

Mompati Modukanele says:

Setseno sa lekgoa.

bai kabelo says:

"they all speak portugues" lmao

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