98 HOGS DOWN | Thermal Hog Hunting in Texas **Why hunters need AR-15s**

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Thermal hog hunting at night in Texas. Feral pigs are nuisance to Texas, and we’re doing are part to hunt these feral hogs down. Thermal hog hunting can be one of the best ways to eliminate them.


John Stewart says:

Fucking rookie… no spare mags… shame shame… learn how to lead and quit jerking your shots

Eric Wiltz says:

Hell yea, AR platform, but you've got to have ammo and it can't cost $2.00-3.00+ a round! I can't afford shooting centerfire at that cost, it's why I'm killing hogs with a 17WSM. only think is it's a head shooting caliber, I won't shoot on the run. My other comment is you need to incorporate the shooting with trapping. Trap with the goal to capture entire sounders. Those that you miss you bait and then mop them up what rifles. Mark my words at some point in the near future the U.S. Dept of Agriculture is going to bring this Hog Pandemic problem to light. Now hogs are reportedly in 39 states and Canada. Shooting/hunting them for fun needs to be put into a category of shooting to at the very least reduce the annual population to a point where they aren't a threat to the national food supply. That doesn't even take into account the deer and other wildlife that will starve for lack of nutrition.

John Doe says:

Very Nice. What scope is that?

Nick Banda says:

As always, cool vid, fun commentary, and nice take downs. Hard to keep the hog population under control, but you all do a great job, keep up the hunt!

Christopher Henson says:

It would be very much appreciated, if you guys could make a video.

Explaining the importance of utilizing the AR15 platform, when hunting wild boar.

Great video!

Roy Lewis says:

Where would I find the latest feral pig population by state?

Any help would be appreciated.


MrRebar15 says:

Infected Outdoors Bravo well done, thanks for taking the time to bring us along. God Bless

Mark Monse says:

Nice leads…

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