Manitoba Bear Hunt- (2) 400lb+ Bears

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Manitoba Bear Hunts. A pair of 400 + pound Spring Bears shot near Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba with and


Obed Tari says:

Oh noooooooooooo, please don't shoot those bears………….I feel sorry for them. U should feed them and bring them home as part of family. they look like awesome human friends

mottom says:

Hi cool name! Malloch.

SD says:

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Dave Ward says:

I just don't get how shooting a bear that's eating out a garbage can is sporting.

nikos nikos says:

Don't kill bears.

James Fuller says:

12:45 your welcome

William Gamblin says:

This is not a sport. You bait a trap then hide and ambush a bear sounds like a bunch of pussies. Bear hunting is not a sport sports are contests that have winners and losers but no one dies. You are just blood lust individuals that skin a bear cut off its head and paws to decorate your house. Do not call yourself a sportsman just a cold hearted cold blooded killer. Hope to put you fucktards out of business

эльмар мамедов says:

Не охота, а дирьмо

G S says:

Stupid music 🎶 very bad noises bon like stupid music 🎼

oldbonesbushcraft Rod Jackson says:

great white hunters at it again. You really think your that good of a hunter.why bait ? m m

My family in north cental bc never baits we use rifles we threw bows away one hundred years ago .You guys are sickening.

Deborah J Ellenburg says:

What does the P.L. Stand for after the measurements on some of the Bears? I’m not a hunter so I don’t know. I just love to watch the hunts. 😉

Popo Hgu says:

Take a live for fun.
What a delight.

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