Closing off 2020 with a bull elephant and a Verney Carron Double rifle in .577NE

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Africa’s Sportsman Show host Stefan Fouché joins his good friend Richard Eales on an elephant hunt up in one of the most northeastern parts of South Africa.
Richard carries his Verney Carron Double rifle in .577NE loaded with 750gr Woodleigh Hydro solids. Stefan has his .500NE also in a Verney Carron shooting a 570grain Woodleigh Hydro.
The guys end up getting a pretty good bull elephant.
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Ásagrimmr says:

So how is a 375 h&h for elephant . I know people talk about Bell using small calibers and that it is not really practical but is the 375h&h too small for this type of game as well.

Govinda Raju says:

Who gives payment

Iguh Tordjo says:

But whyyy 😪😪😪

MegaRiffraff says:


Kobus Kotze says:

Ja, al skiet jy met n kanon, as jy die bok se hart in sy hakskene soek sal jy hom nooit doodkry nie. Nonetheless good video, thumbs up.

New Spain says:

Well that’s me unsubed , I’m sick of seeing the lazy & reckless shooting on here.

Ghost- MiTty says:

Hello oom stefan ek hou regtig van oom se jag videos sal oom op die comment reply

Kevin Stewart says:

Which reserve is this in?

African Safari Films says:

That first shot was not inches off but rather feet. Why did you guys not use shooting sticks? I know for “video” it looks more Sullivan shooting offhand but that distance sticks would have helped you place the first shit better. And clever editing when the bull was down not showing all the other shots. Greenies would have give you a lot of shit if you showed all the actual shots

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