IOWA GOBBLER at 7 YARDS!!! (Public Land Turkey Hunting)

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Warb, Greg, and Keith get in between multiple gobblers in the river bottom!
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Rshea says:

Nobody is better than Aaron I swear he’s the best

Bill White says:

Coming next year the THP Super Spreader Turkey Choke, for when your gobblers are inside ten yards and closing fast.🀣

Rudolph Koop says:

Beautiful!! Keep the awesome work!!!πŸ‘

Getting Close says:

wow, awesome turkey video.

Matthew cumpston says:

Wv is over the 23

melvin sacromentoe says:

Wowwww what a cool hunt! Turkeys were sounding off!

Kevin says:

I’m glad you mentioned how Iowa has areas of decline. Lots of Southern Iowa is seeing turkey declines. I’m originally from Southeast Iowa, turkey numbers are scary low in that part of the state. That being said, other parts of Iowa have good turkey numbers for sure.

Jimspur says:

I like your channel better without the fanning. You say you care about turkey populations,
but if everybody on public land used a fan we're gonna have a lot less gobblers in the woods.

Cody Havens says:

Boy those birds sure were tuned up!! Must be nice πŸ˜’

Conrad Yoder says:

That was the hunt we all dream of. 🀯

Gary McLamb says:

Iowa on my bucket list…….

Gary McLamb says:

Awesome hunt….. congrats from Bama guys

timothy howell says:

That's what I'm talking about ol son. Being a GA boy that's never had property with many turkeys on it. They were dang wide open. Hearing that much action between the all the toms and hen's. Heck I could've walk about and had almost my best turkey hunting morning with no complaints. That was just crazy. And them feathers went flying. Could've picked them up and made a pillow out of them.

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