BUDS, BIRDS & RECURVES homemade bow hunting turkeys

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bow hunting turkeys is very hard, bow hunting turkeys with no blind is even harder. then there’s bow hunting turkeys with a homemade bow with no sights! we love a good challenge and boy were the odds stacked against us! gotta love traditional bow hunting.
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EDITED BY: Bryce Meis
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Duane Snyder says:

I use Longbow. Hunt Tom's last 12 years

Mason W says:

Hey that’s hunting! Having fun is what matters

Kyle Keen says:

That's hunting. You do it long enough, you are going to have moments like that. But you stayed positive and looked at it as an awesome experience. It's not always about the harvest. Great job.

Caleb Decker says:

Love the vids

Brian Smith says:

I love that u don't get mad when u miss i need that energy when I miss

Mike Wesley says:

Hello have a great day everyone


Really enjoy watching videos and I follow you guys on Instagram and TikTok. I laughed my butt off on the window arrow incident. Lol If you guys pic me for the Africa trip that would be the amazing. Last year I lost my job and girlfriend because of COVID, I was really low in life. My passion for the outdoors got me Thur

connerman5000 says:

Another great video. Keep up the good work and God Bless.

Eli Toadvine says:

I sadly didn’t get one this season. But great vid!

Logan Spencer says:

Great hunt guys can’t wait for some more harvests

shelby cirrincione says:

I can’t wait to get a turkey this year! This video gets me so pumped to hunt more!

Big Daddy says:

Gotta go to Africa

Jack says:

This is getting me so hyped for deer season

Tim Douglas says:

Love this video y’all keep up the good work! Making me want to try turkey hunting!

Xander van Yken says:

Damn, Turkey hunting looks fun! Well done on the positivity even when things don't work out!

ruben adlam says:

Such a difficult hunt, so close, keep up the good work. Great video.

Gerardo Lindacher says:

Nice to seeee the experiences from.other experts too! Thanks for sharing!

Rachel Hale says:

I need to make that turkey decoy for my bow! Badass!

Holly wood says:

Iv attempted hunting turkey with a recurve spot n stalk style, for a whole week. Last day of the hunt, broke out the shotgun. Tagged out before lunch. It’s a completely different ball game! Lots of fun. Thanks for sharing Josh👍🏼 love ur channel.

Austin Cutright says:

That was sweet

Aidan Faller says:

I think you gave that bird a little trim lol

KD Productions says:

“Gonna take some time to do the things we never had (ooh, ooh)
Hurry boy, Josh Bowmars waiting there for you
It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
I bless the rains down in Africa
I bless the rains down in Africa” -Toto I see it now a josh and Kaleb duet.

Crazy and Wild says:

you shoukd make a video teaching how to make a homemade bow

Mike Ingram says:

Thats what it's all about. Hunting with friends always outweigh whether you get anything or not. Enjoyed the video!

Brody Huff says:

Dang it I was really hoping one of yall stuck one with a stick😂

BynumKelley says:

Always been my favorite YouTube channel 💪🏽

Michael Deventure says:

I just wanna get a bird Ohio has been weird lately

Ben Konvalin says:

The way he missed was amazing realizing that he only had one tag so waiting for the right moment to shoot. True sportsman, love the vid

alex adams says:

Take me to Africa!

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