Hunting Dangerous Game – Namibia. Take Two

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Greg is back in Namibia, hunting both Buffalo and Leopard, with a side of Plains Game.

(Greg’s next hunt, Tanzania:

As before you can enjoy the complete experience with us. You’ll see that hunting isn’t just driving around shooting everything you see. Greg and Emile scouted the Waterberg for days to familiarize themselves with the genetics available. They passed up on huge bulls which was still young. The ultimate goal is to hunt an old bull, one that passed on his genetics over the years. Buffalo are one of the most dangerous game to hunt, it’s always exciting!

Greg also hunted Leopard with his old friend Danie Botha. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful yet again. In 2018 Greg tried for Leopard in Namibia but also went home empty handed. Namibian Leopard are some of the hardest to hunt.

Greg traveled to a few areas, revisiting the concessions and friends he knew from eight years ago when he came to Africa for the first time. To some hunters the experience of being in Africa, meeting people and experiencing the culture, is more important than the actual hunting.

This is one of the longest videos we’ve uploaded, viewers can enjoy the full experience of this long and relaxed hunt. If you wish to jump to only the action packed parts, follow these links:

Eland: 18:07
Nyala: 38:25
Black Wildebeest: 42:30
Buffalo: 49:10
Tsessebe: 57:20
Gemsbuck: 1:21:05
Kudu: 1:31:24

Greg’s Tanzania Selous Game Reserve hunt:

For a more relaxing video with no hunting:

To have your own hunt filmed:
To hunt with Jamy Traut Safaris:

For more relaxing nature videos:

Hunting Dangerous Game – Namibia. Take Two


Julia Wirth says:

Nur eine riesen Geldmacherei
Fette Amis schießen aus Spaß am töten alles weg!
Nehmt doch ein paar von diesen deppen und Jagd die!
Am besten sind die wo sie Löwen am Baum festgebunden sind

Carolien Bertrand says:

Buy an Philips airfryer for less fatty fries! Good hunt!

Emile Visser says:

Why the fuck do you people allow these foreigners to shoot leopards, what is wrong with you!?

Señorita Jet says:

These animals don't say anything…but all these animals are mother with a child,family..tell me would you do this to your mother or child,family ?…?for your own pleasure?..?..PLEASE STOP DOING THIS👊😡..

Señorita Jet says:

I'm VERY SORRY TO SAY U ARE DISGUSTING..HOW CAN U DO THIS 😡u go to most beautiful country 🌍and then going hunting killing wildanimals ..disgusting STOP THIS..STOP THIS PROGRAM TO.😡.

tigris115 says:

I really appreciate that you keep any music to a minimum so that it doesn't drown out the sound.

G53X0Y0Z0 says:

Great African hunting video with a sensible hunter and guide who don't blaze away like they do in Hollywood action movies and most other safari videos.

Castro Mofuka says:

Namibia is home to all.

Jaszmine Johnston says:

Animals going extinct..I wonder why..

Árpád Fülöp says:

Wow. Great vid. But Greg shaking hand scary for me.

Eric Ferguson says:

I find what works for cats is running an electric can opener. You might try that with your leopard.

Black Berry lady says:

Those ladies doing the cooking is so and nice plays 2 stay….loves every thing, people are very nice…💯💯💫💫

Black Berry lady says:

Extremely Outstanding Beautiful video & hunt 💯💯💯💯🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

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