Recurve Bow Hunting – Public Land Bowhunting from the GROUND!

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For those of us who live the bow hunting lifestyle, hunting season never truly ends. We devise ways to spread those sacred months across an entire year. Some hunters scout obsessively, pouring over aerial imagery and trail camera photos. Others fiddle with hunting gear, tuning, honing and sighting. I build selfbows.

I’m not entirely sure why bow building and hunting with recurves and longbows is so captivating for me. It’s certainly not the most efficient weapon. But if there is one universal truth about achievement it’s that it requires an obstacle. The quest for a true giant whitetail buck is mine.

This week we’re bowhunting from the ground in Idaho’s rugged public land backcountry. Longbow hunting is tough. Spot and stalk hunting is tough. Wise old big bucks are tough. Put all that together and you’ve got a challenge for the most seasoned woodsman!
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pipesandpistols says:

I appreciate that y’all hunt in plaid. Nothing wrong with full Kuiu of FirstLite, but I think videos often make it seem like those are the key to success and that anything short will result in failure.

Riley Pate says:

How much would you sell a bow for?

Charlie Palmer says:

Iv always been a compound guy, but you make me want to go traditional big time 💪🏽🇺🇸

abseil76 says:

This is easily the best film I've ever seen about bow hunting. Man, respect from a hungarian archer.

Eskimo says:

I really really really wnat to bow hunt but i only have a recurve bow i made and my family are gun/compound bow hunters so when I say lets go hunting my family puts me in a tree real far away from the deer

Michael Kendall says:

Ive hunted spot n stalk for.25 years….i just cant sit in a blind or stand for hours….makes me crazy

Randon Pitts says:

Love y’all’s videos great work

Gary Scullion says:

That was awesome , putting the sneak on them like that . I live in the B.C. interior lots of Mulies very few white tails , I have a hard time with a rifle .

Kyle ebert says:

How much for a hand made longbow ?

Peter Johnson says:

I hunt Whitetails in nw Arkansas with a 50lb recurve. I have use for all the meat. I don't hunt during rut. I wait until mid January. Don't care about bucks. I get quality meat.
Nothing on earth compares to a successful recurve bow hunt in icy cold weather.
I'm 62 years old and won't quit soon.

Bumpy says:

One would have to be in EXCELLENT shape to hunt there!!! I'm out!!! 🤔

Alecs Barus says:

What's the song at 13.30 please?

A Dog In a Cowboy Hat says:

I’ve got friends who think you need the most newest and expensive equipment, to them hunting is no more than a game for them. I never need that equipment, everything I use is either passed down or taught to me.

Albert Guerra says:

Wow, great video man! For the love of the hunt!

Kenton Ward says:

Boy that sucks! Been there , the thrill of getting close and your almost there then the wind swirls and it’s the white flag running away!! It’s what keeps me trying!

Howard Richburg says:

I appreciate the real hunt. We dont always connect.

Kamron Safaie says:

Where are you hunting at?

Awesome Studios says:

I would love to do this but I don’t have anywhere to go

So since I can’t do it the next best thing is to watch someone else do it

1 says:

Amazing video man! I'm beginning my Journey torge becoming a hunter this year. I will be the first in my family I believe. Learning on my own I cant wait for my first bow. Keep up the great videos.

Rob Storer says:

I started to hunt with a bow, because one day fall on one of your video. Thanks

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