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Shot placement should be planned and is vital with your next safari. Hope this helps and bring clarity to many questions.
NB Safaris with he hunt against hunger program


Randomguy says:

I'm only 19 and from South America, if I ever get the chance I'll hunt with you guys. Until then xD

Chinastar says:

You guys are having a blast 💥!!! Hahah get it

D Burns says:

Thank you Debbie for continuing Neil's legacy. We all miss him, but not near as much as you and your children do. God bless.

Pat Mosher says:

Miss Neil big time. Always a gentleman and an advocate for fair chase. RIP

Martin Stiastny says:

I feel "cheated" because I just started talking to Neils and really wanted to hunt with him.
I wish you the very best.

Mattia Callegari says:

Miss you Neil the most beautiful person I have known

Andrew Scrimger says:

Keep your chin up

Englishman French says:

Very many thanks for posting this excellent and informative video, the laser pointer is a really good idea, keep up the good work ! Stay safe! Chris B.

oncall21 says:

Thank you for sharing. It must be so painful to put up these videos but I hope the great memories of the great man go someway to easing the pain.

daermon1000 says:

Great informative video, hard to watch knowing Neil is gone, very sad. I hope to see you and your son following in his great footsteps, with many more great hunts, much love!

Robin Panjalai says:

Miss neil a lot, probably one of the most humble Hunter's out there.

Louis van deventer says:

I miss him very much, he was a legend.

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