Thermal Predator Hunt Ep 2: Six Coyotes Down In Virginia

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Helping farmers along the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia!
Gear Used: AR-10, 24 inch BHW barrel 1:8 twist, Lehigh Defense Bullets, Atn Thor 4.5x 384 Thermal Optic, Iconic Night Stalker Caller,


Griffin Greer says:

Why did you kill them

The Palmetto Travelers says:

More amazing shots!

Rondo Hunter says:

Snakes are the only animals that can see infrared. If these stupid coyotes would evolve to see those red beams of light pointing in their direction then perhaps they'd have a chance. Until then, they're blind to lasers. Oh and flying lead projectiles.

Tanmoy Karmakar says:

I request to you. You not hunting any animal and bird .so what are the benefit to killing these . creature of almighty god they are not killing for food and any use are you eating them please please stop the killing

winner ninja says:

Super Bravo Super.xei xei xei

Adam Grozny says:


Steve Vedder says:

Great video! Look forward to seeing you guys soon! Steve -Lehigh

Serge Roucous says:


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