Slow Motion Airgun Rabbit Hunting #18

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I haven’t been doing much hunting lately, but I did manage a couple of trips last week when the sun was out, and here is the footage. As you can see, they’ve been causing a bit of damage and the farmer’s keen for their numbers to be reduced. The numbers have definitely decreased quite a bit and I’m not shooting the numbers I usually do, but at least the farmer’s happy even if my freezer isn’t.

35 Yards. The wind was behind me so I didn’t bother with any hold over – I’m zero’d at 30. Hit him smack on – you can see the pellet exit to the left.

45 Yards so 1mil holdover. Looking at the footage it looks like the pellet just glanced off him, but he went straight down dead so I think I got lucky and just nicked his brain enough to do the job.

40 Yards. Watch this fella for reaction times! He ducked before the pellet had time to reach him. Good job he did too as the pellet landed a little low – maybe he was more like 45 yards. Nice clean kill in the end though. Interestingly, if I’d had guaged the shot perfectly, he’d have ducked and got away with a hole in his ear.

I scared this little fella! The pellet glanced the back of his head, and ricocheted to the left. He back-flipped and was running before he hit the ground! 1/2 inch more and it would have been lights out. Can’t win them all.

Last shot of the day so I was losing light, but finished it off with a perfect 30 yarder 🙂

Equipment used: Air Arms S410 C .177 (Sub 12ft lbs) Gary Can custom stock, MTC Mamba 4-16×50, Casio EX-ZR100 on home made mount, MTC 5-700 Laser Range finder, Harris Swivel Bi pod, Pellets: .177 JSB Exacts 4.53
I, HuntingFPS, own and created all video content.
Music is royalty free by Kevin Macleod @


BENṮuk Love says:

2:08 Oh no, i can't spotted this 😢😢

BENṮuk Love says:

1:07 2:22 He the name JOHN CENA!! JEM JEM JEM 😂😂

JawsAnd Guppy says:

Nice shots year 2019 for anyone watches in the future

Casper Boo says:

yep they do all count great shooting, Cheers

Joel Fernandez says:

Awesome pellet shooting.

Dino Gaming Zone says:

Whats wrong with you?

Nice green shit says:

Welcome to Urban Air ™️

Mellorock Ò_Ó says:

Soccer players when they get "injured"

For music Youtube says:

Most satisfying video on youtube

Wobbles and Bean says:

I'm angry that one got away, but I guess I'm glad he at least suffered a bit.

Norton Martins says:

2:19 1:01 ive been headshot, yay

Carrie Hefernan says:

Why must they all show off by doing a backflip before they die? Are they truly this vain??

Max Lee says:

Animal cruelty leave them bunnies alone, go find another farm.

Movise Sandwichia says:

Poor rabbit sadly


Great footage!

William the great says:

bugs bunny has left the server

MFJ World says:

The rabbits are jumping with joy… Yayy

Emma Castellanos says:

Y porque los matan?
Se comen las cosechas?

John McDermott says:

I hope that if I am ever shot in the head, that I also do a back flip like these rabbits!

данька стародубцев says:

Sweet, so is that it?

Dwayne Mitchell says:

That one at 2:04 had me dying with all the karate kicks

idek find me a name says:

Why did u do this to them? What did they do to you 😢

Leafy Edits says:

these wankers get a kick out of killing things. bunch of weirdos

Mohammed Sufiyan says:

stop this cruelty

Sadakoh GamingTV says:

Dear children animal

H MR says:

funny and great movie!!!

Phosphorus says:

Every bunny do the flop

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