South Texas Hunting – Kill Compilation

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A couple of years of hunting videos compiled into a couple of minutes.

Hog Hunting
Deer Hunting
Coyote Hunting
Head Shots
Bow Hunting
Big Buck
Big Hog
Big Boar


R B says:

Do you keep everything you kill or do you just like killing? And you're really not hunting when you sit and wait next to a feeder.

Dr Dre says:

Good kills with the hogs and coyotes, but a big fuck you for flaunting your pride on HOW you killed deers. No challenge in that…I have and will kill deer for food, but not brag with slow motion kill on an that animal.

Michael Mims says:

This guy know how to drop some game!

sang-dae youn says:

Good Stot~~~~ Very Nice~~~~!!!!

bappybumbam says:

Sick enough that you kill these animals in the first place but filming and posting on here ? You really are sick bastards

Christopher Wend says:

Zum kotzen!

John Dusablon says:

I love hunting that's not deer hunting I didn't know you could beat dear

Jorge Daniel Monsalvez Garrido says:

Para que matar todo solo si son plagas

abcd 963 says:

Killing from 10 yards is no hunting

D Xx says:

Why to kill?

munnjean says:

Wow , the last buck you shot after you laid out the bait how far away were you 3 feet ? 6 feet maybe ,,, hunting my ass !!

Mairaj Ali says:

2:18 awesomeπŸ‘βœŠπŸ‘ πŸ˜ƒπŸ€£πŸ˜

Larry Kane says:

smoking bacon

Unfinished **ckery says:

Hehe buck go CHOO CHOO

Mex says:

Wow – you could litterally see the buck making his last breath and the life leaving him at 0:22 !

SilentNinja says:

Yo you got really good aim bro respect ✊🏾

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