NON-STOP TURKEY HUNTING ACTION! – Public Land in the Virginia Mountains!

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Zach and Hayden have another action packed hunt in the Virginia mountains!

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David Moslen says:

Cameraman….you had one job….

Jerod Barker says:

I appreciate how raw and honest THP hunts are. Zach"s shaking leg after missing……man I can relate. Keep up the good work fellas

Justin Mckinney says:

I agree I would of never took that shot through the brush like that tough pill o swallow but sometimes our heart is pounding and make mistakes sorry brother you’ll get em next time

Roger Simonds says:

Looked like a great mountain hunt! That’s the way it used to be in western North Carolina mountains…a gobbler or 2 in every holler. Not that way any more for the last few years. You’re doing good to hear one gobble on the roost much less call 1 in. We covered about 10 miles last Saturday on gated FS roads…didn’t hear a thing. Glad y’all are getting into them! Love watching y’all.

Coffey Outdoors says:

new sub here. Been watching your turkey tour. Great videos. Im still trying to get my first turkey here in Indiana.

R Mills says:

Very few people actually miss turkeys with lead 5's, They just fail to break the turkeys neck. 60% of my public land birds are riddled with copperplated 5's(lead patterns are big with flyers). I will never shoot lead myself at turkeys ever again.

Big Jim Slade says:

Nice job fellas!

Nate Viningre says:

Don’t worry man I shot a bird yesterday at 80 yards in a field after our buddy shot one and I ran down to get it and I thought it was dead so I tried to get another but I didn’t so I go to get first one and it’s gone and i shot it again and chased it but it got away

Rob Greer says:

We work so hard for a shot and miss. I do that whenever I shoot at a walking turkey and after all these years I never get upset cuz of all the fun I had calling them in. Nothing beats hearing a turkey gobbling closer or coaxing a silent tom and hearing him walking in the leaves. Bowhunting deer is great but turkeys are sooo much more action and its not only at sunrise but can be all day. Great hunt!

Marty Leary says:

Ted, time for new gun…semi, no pumps

Joe P says:

Take notes Untamed. This is how a real turkey killer celebrates.

Erik Henderson says:

I’ve been trying for my first gobbler for a few years now, I have permission a few small properties in northern Ohio if you guys are ever up this way I’d love to take y’all out and just follow along and see how you guys do it from scouting to shooting. Seen lots of birds but seem to be missing something to really pin em down. Would love to hear from you guys! Great video!

Upper Hand says:

You guys are doing great this year! Love all the content!

Braelyn Edick says:

Sat in the freezing brush for 2 hrs calling in a turkey, big Tom, while he was turning the corner some other hunters walked up and killed, I was so mad

Gary McLamb says:

Redemption……. congrats from Bama……..

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