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Duck hunting on public land offers many challenges. Combine the high pressure environment with warm weather and a full moon and duck hunters are in for a tough hunt. We experienced all of this this past fall in Missouri. Tough hunting conditions forced us to changed our tactics, practice a lot of patience, and rely on a little bit of luck to have a good trip hunting ducks.

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james moore says:

A lot of my really good hunts especially late season were around 1-2 pm on a sunny warm day in the willows. if you have a few ducks using the fields close by, they will seek the shade on a warm day .

Andrew Meysenburg says:

hope to run into you guys sometime at Missouri public!

George Meyer says:

You guys annoy me. You're always complaining about how things are stacked against you. If you lot dont get a limit then it's a shit hunt. Its not about getting a limit it's about going hunting and enjoying nature and waterfowl with you're friends. By the way you guys act when things aren't going well you'd think you guys made money off each duck you killed. Always complaining and stressing

Shannon Warren says:

A bunch of birds

Cody Young says:

Must be nice to have good food planted on public land. They won't do shit for us down here but DU makes sure yal are set.

Ahmed Ali says:

well done gays

DIEorSK87273 says:

I came hear to see duck fall. Not to watch you talk while you play sad music over everything

Kou Yang says:

The ducks are dying cuz of listening to u guys talk.

Andrew Finley says:

What editing app do you guys use? I might start my hunting channel

Cesar Romero says:

this is why you wake up at 1 am and find your spot. Take a nap at your spot and start putting decoys out after a nap.

sussex county boys says:

this is a great video. good shooting boys

PurdueStyna9 says:

you guys are right. flooded corn is the most difficult of all habitats to hunt ducks. they rarely enjoy cover, food, and water all in the same area. Good luck and hope your season goes much better this year.

Waterfowling Life says:

u guys are all wrong…this is the old reservoir next to my buddies grandmas, do you what me to tell you where she keeps her pain meds too??? I know what u did with my first comment btw lol

Trev Livengood says:

did you guys hunt bob browns or nodaway valley

Waterfowling Life says:

u guys are all wrong…this is the old reservoir next to my buddies grandmas, do you what me to tell you where she keeps her pain meds too???

Jack Wongen says:

Don't give all your secerts away. I'll see you in the Fields.

Widowfowl Productions says:

I completely understand this. My group from AL drove to Missouri last season and spend 4 days, drew every day. The ducks were alright.

Charlie Kreps says:

If anyone in Arkansas is wondering why we don't get as many ducks down these days it's because surrounding states like MO are flooding standing corn and holding tons of birds. Meanwhile AGFC counts their $ and does little to manage habitat.

Junior B says:

That was def at Brown or Noddaway. That last shot of that big mallard sitting about 75 feet in the air is in the McDonald's parking lot in Mound City Mo. My lease is just across the highway from there. Killer video guys

KEO Vlogs says:

Great video! Keep up the good work!

Following the Flight Outdoors says:

Good stuff fellas

Seth Howton says:

Was this hunt filmed at Otter Slew?

SG03 says:

bad luck on public land lol… how about competing with 120+ people for 20 spots in the sta's in south florida!

Jimbo 71 says:

Why don't you shoot hens

josh snyder says:

around boise idaho is the hardest to hunt. no where is secret

spencero99 says:

Im guessing you hunted at either Bob Brown or Nodaway Valley

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