NH: Peurajahti | Whitetail Deer Hunting in Finland | 2020

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English and Swedish subtitles are available!!! 🇬🇧

Tässä jaksossa | In this episode:

Tässä jaksossa päästään passittamaan mäyräkoirien siivittämiä intensiivisiä ajojahteja sekä kavutaan kyttäystorniin tarkkailemaan ruokintapaikalla vierailevia peuroja. Toivottavasti pidit videosta!

In this episode we hunt whitetail deers in Finland. We have english and swedish subtitles. Hope you enjoyed the video!

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Dick Hagenaars says:

Ammu ampumalla ruokinta-alueella. Täällä ei saa ampua riistaa ruokinta-alueelta 200 metrin säteellä

Jeff Kerr says:

Beautiful country Finland. God bless you all.

Jeff Kerr says:

Nice shot on the run. Good dog too. Didn't expect to see white tail though. Reminds me of here in New England. I would love to experience Finland. All aspects. Well done hunter.

Mubarig Axmed says:

How can I hunt in Finland what do I need to know or need to know, what about rules?

Antti says:

Kytikseltä kun ammuitte niin takana metsässä näytti juoksevan toinenkin peura.

Xd Vickan says:

Tosi hyvä videon

5FOutdoors says:

Very cool! I didn't realize there was whitetail in Finland! Great video as always..

Alfred Veiland says:

Great video.!
Is whitetail introduced in Finland?

Enduro Romania says:

Nice trophy !!

Gramps says:

I didn't know you had Whitetail deer in Finland.

jallu says:

Asun Tampereella ja haluaisin aloittaa metsästyksen

vellu91 says:

kyllä on loistavia videoita


Aivan älyttömän siisti toi punanen piste joka näyttää ku ammut

Kyösti Haapalahti says:

Millä piippukameralla kaato kuvattu?

Tyler Ellis says:

Awesome video. Looks beautiful there. Great shooting. Where I'm from in Ontario Canada it's also tradition to hunt with dogs in our deer camps and do driven hunts. Love the dog.

Dormen 68 says:

Y'a des cerfs de Virgine en Finland?!… 😳
Ben j'aurais appris quelque chose.
Belle vidéo et très bon montage. 👍

Chris Nation says:

Who's the dumbass that turned whitetail's loose in Finland ?

Chris E says:

You have a great little hunting companion. The little dog does it’s job well.

Mountainmetalhead 1 says:

This has to be the most beautiful hunting vid I’ve ever seen !!! Now I know there’s bucks in Finland I’m moving 🤘🏻

Gregory Hunts says:

Do those whitetails that came from Minnesota grow as big in Finland as they do here? Im from Wisconsin and shoot buck's in the 200 to 250lb range. Those deer look alittle smaller. Man what a beautiful place to hunt though..

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