Hunting dangerous game in Mozambique

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So, you’ve hunted deer, elk, moose and other big game. Perhaps you’ve even done a few plains game safaris. But do you think you’re ready for the hunting safari adventure of a lifetime, in what is still truly wild Africa, where you’re still very much part of the food chain? Here’s what’s in store for you at Mahimba, Mozambique. Full hunt videos coming soon to Team Wild TV

Music – ‘Sleepwalking’ by Echolounge

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Le yeti 48 says:

J ais honte de voir sa c et tout simplement du massacre

ben firthy says:

These idiots need to be shot

enock Ashish says:

Wow action pack hunt but no to over killing👍👍👍👍👍


I grew up in the field and I know very well what is real hunting and when it is dangerous … hunter who will hunt in shorts, support rifle rifle, with cameras on the back depicting cowardice … having a rare animal as a trophy??? If only it were to kill their hunger … this is pleasure at the expense of others' leather … without the slightest chance of defending the animal… A bunch of rich people meaning that they keep the safaris … the being human is very deplorable!

fina says:

I don't understand why there is always muziek added

Norman Braslow says:

The real question is, Why? Crocs are pretty ugly, and I'd not a stuffed one in my living room…..

Stephen Land says:

1:20 Bright red, frothy blood is a good sign. It means the lungs have been hit, and that is almost always fatal. Dull red, flat blood is a bad sign, usually meaning that you hit the abdomen. Not good.

Everett Amador says:

I be scared for finding a mamba or leopard!

Charrito850 says:


Stephen Bromley says:

So Brave, not.

Mallu experimenter says:

Great hunting nice keep it up

Aryan Saxena says:


Funes Videos says:

Fucking stupids

Sharon Montano says:

Worst sound track ever!
Are y’all teenagers?

Lyle Johns says:

Whenever I see a snake I pick it up by its tail and swing it like a helicopter. I slowly edge it into a post or truck bed. All the stinking reptilian blood is being forced to its head which by now is slowly being bludgeoned away with each revolution. I am a reptilian predator. I kill reptiles. I am terminator.

Lyle Johns says:

croc is down!!!

Esteban Moraga Álvarez says:

POR QUÉE EL HIPOPOTAMOO?? y por qué todos csm ;_;

Sparrowhark says:

These bastards are sick, we should be destroying this type of destructive people. YouTube should ban them altogether this is nothing but evil in action

Leonardo Martinez says:

Porque tanta maldad.

John Lee says:

I hope you eat all of them.

Mike Sanchez says:

What drugs was I on when I liked this vid lol wack af lol nothing dangerous about the way these guys hunted lol

ʍǟɖʍǟɢǟʍɨʍ says:

Buffalo in the thumbnail geez

Purp X says:

Mozambique here (apex legend term)

AW says:

I wish animals could hunt human beings also.

Njoroge says:

This is not right…it should be stopped asap.

motorcop505 says:

The film starts with a claim that this wouldn’t be a luxurious glamming hunt, then it goes right into a series of tame, canned hunts with, you guessed it, a posh hunting lodge! Not even tents. What a joke.

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