Bow Hunting DANGEROUS GAME with a Recurve Bow! (Eastmans’)

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This bow hunting video features hunts for polar bear, grizzly bear, musk ox and bison. This is up close and personal traditional bow hunting! Eastmans’ subscriber Mark Smith has bow hunted for polar bear, grizzly bear, musk ox, bison and more with his recurve bow. Bow hunting with a traditional recurve bow means instinctive shooting.

Are you brave enough to bow hunt a mountain goat?

Travel across the world with Guy Eastman to hunt Marco Polo rams nexrt:

Tag along on Eastmans’ most adventures hunts:

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Benjamin Salvatierra jr. says:

Why polar bear.??? 😱


To prevent the bear from charging the dogs? Dude the bear looked more afraid of the dogs than the dogs were afraid of the polar bear charging. And this isn't hunting. This is senseless killing and cruelty. Polar Bears have been going extinct. Why are you shooting a polar bear. Did you eat the meat? I'm for hunting for food like the next guy over but this is pretty fucked up. Just my personal opinion on what i've observed.

Hunter Lee says:

That polar bear hunt was fucked

Korey Wolfe says:

The first shot on the polar bear was not to prevent a charge on the dogs like the text on the screen says. Just sayin. Excellent adventures!

SheerWill Survival says:

Amazing dream hunt 👊🏻

Nathan Hayes says:

These must've been intense hunts

Lionknives says:

Why you have to kill the Polar bear?!!

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