BEAR KILLS DOG while hunting

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HUNT GONE BAD…hunting a bear…bear kills dog…strong language…COMMENT this VIDEO


Tater Tot says:

A bear defending itself and your screaming and blattin cause your dog is dead. Well I'm thinking that if you had kept your dog and your poor sportsmanship at home your dog would still be alive!!!!!! One for the bears!!!!!

Will Stuart says:

This is what you get when the Dog's owner has a Lower IQ then the dog…😕

Chad Cook says:

If I ever saw dogs and cousin fuckers ganging up on a bear, I'd let my lead fly because I don't give a fuck about hunters, dogs, or bears.

Jon-Mackenzie Thompson says:

Idiot hunters for using the dog.

Potato Peeler says:

1:56 “I’ll have your f* cking nuts for dinner” lololol

Roland Wolf says:

Nature Fights Back.

YoutubeInsistInBanningPeople says:

This is a bear you use dogs to hunt. You are an idiot

El Jefe says:

That bear got shot, fell 20 plus feet, and killed a dog in one bite, jeez

christian Williams says:

Your mad at the bear after you put your "baby girl" in harm's way. I would never put any animal I love in that position. Shame on you and she paid the price for your ignorance.

Geovanny Salmeron says:

What the hell is that cd

Spud Head says:

Oh no I didn't think the bear would hurt the dog I thought he would have just sat there and let the dogs attack

Brian Desullan says:

Wow ,so nice to watch the bear fights and killed 1 dog,

k9m42 says:

Stupid bear. Glad they blasted it!

Ders Calismak says:

What a piece of imbecile shit this guy is

K. Frost says:

This makes me want to hunt humans. I could take hunters like these out without an ounce of guilt.

K. Frost says:

Listen to that piece of garbage cussing. I'd love to find these people and take them out if this world. Worthless excuses for human trash.

deli man says:

Shoulda been them hunters not the poor doggy

Klyzeritic 13 says:

that's what u get btch cry over a fckng dog

Paul Machado says:

I love dogs but what did they think would happen it's a fucking bear

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