2020 New Mexico Archery Elk Season | Bowhunting For Elk

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The 2020 New Mexico archery elk season started off kind of slow. Bulls weren’t bugling much which always makes it tough to get on them. Things got better and the bulls began bugling more as the season went on. I was guiding for New Mexico Professional Big Game Hunting, Inc. for all the bowhunts. One miss, one harvest and several other very close encounters made it an exciting elk hunting season like always!

These hunts take place on public land in different units in the Gila National Forest in Southwest New Mexico.

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Absolutely priceless video footage! Thanks so much for it. What's the secret to be able to stay CALM when a bull gets so close to you?

Nick martinez says:

Just hearing all of those bugles gets my heart pumping! Hope the draw is in my favor this year! Thanks for sharing.

Israel Solis says:

What unit was this? I want to know what unit I should put in this year

R J P says:

Been putting in for 3 years and never drawn , may do OTC in Colorado this year. I’m impressed how stealth you are and you never use calls. Hopefully I’ll get my first archery draw this year, I know it’s a long shot on the Gila units but that’s what I want. Thanks for sharing , these are great for a first timer like me.

Alafsi Alpha says:

What happen to your hunting
No mater anything…
How many deer you need bro?

Joe Grossetete says:

Robbie do you have an Instagram account ?

Joel Krawczyk says:

The shot at 22:03 was extremely lucky. It hit a tree well out in front of the elk before hitting the bull. That could have gone south in a hurry. Congrats to the hunter on a great bull.

Seth Mitchell says:

Good stalks sir, Respects from Acoma,.

Ted Deherrera says:

Always nice viewing . My son has his first youth cow hunt unit 2 New Mexico. What's your thoughts about unit 2a ? We want to hunt on top of pump mesa bear the dam.

Jay says:

Great video!!! What units do you primarily guide in?

Han Xue says:

Robbie, what a nice video ! I live in Santa Fe, and hope to get into bow hunting. Any tips on how and where should I start? any advice is highly appreciated. Many thanks !

Ralph Major says:

Some people's videos are of themselves talking all the time yours are awesome mostly scenery with updates and not annoying music thank you 😊!!!

Tim McGrath Outdoorsmen says:

Great video. But honestly. I was waiting for footage of the stock, action & shot. Mainly seen you talking and videos of elk. Lol more action lol. But good videos. Not horrible. And beautiful bull!

KWG_Skittles says:

Hey Robbie I got my first deer hunt! I’m going to unit 30!🦌

Isaiah Anderson says:

I’m looking to come down next year. I’m from San Carlos, Arizona. I am looking to book with you. Please contact me. I do not have Facebook or Instagram.

Oppong Ebenezer says:

No interesting footage

garneroutlaw says:

Been down in the Gila myself scouting for my deer muzzle hunt coming up. Super excited.

KABLE 819 says:

In the CASCADE MOUNTAINS a heard of 45 – 75 Elk were purposefully and needlessly slaughtered off. This involved Kings Sons from lands far away & here. local Politicians & Tribal, numerous Agencies and maybe NSA. All Hunters had better contact DC Wildlife Division to replace what was ILLEGALLY killed and taken. A clear message needs to be sent. I only seen and knew of the one heard yet maybe another was in this Region.

nburlingame says:

whoah! Never heard a flutey bugle like that at 15:15 before!

DreadHeadLolito says:

Awesome footage as always. Good job keep up the good work. Be safe out there.

Rusty Hodgson says:

try talking faster holy shit

mickeychesbrough says:

Great video

Rob Kaiser says:

Great footage and close up animals. From our view though, the hunter didn't miss high, he missed feet left and nailed that tree! The next clip shows a happy hunter with his bull, but that can't be from the same shot. Please tell me I'm wrong.

Keith Hart says:

Crossbow is not Archery Hunting it is sissyfied Hunting LIKE USING AN ATV OR GUN SISSY SHIT

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