Gravitas: 500 Elephants put on sale for hunting

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500 Elephants have been put on sale in Zimbabwe for ‘trophy hunting’. Tourism authorities say they need money. Activists say the mammal is already getting extinct. Who will help the world’s most empathetic species?WIONโ€™s Palki Sharma gets you a report.

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Human are the worst virus ever lived๐Ÿ˜ 

any sir says:

Humanity is on the verge of bloody extinction

Yashir Saha says:

I have seen religion killed people more throughout the history. It would be best if religion would have killed those who killed animals and their habbitant…

Prashant says:

Where the hell are international organisations???

lin phou says:

No you canโ€™t kill the elephants no

Debabrata Acharya says:

Were is that Gretta…imposters…
Real social activist palki…๐Ÿ™

vrishikantak12 says:

50 lakh ie 5m dollers to boost their economy?

vrishikantak12 says:

Who are they to sell someone elses life on sale???

devil's last wish says:

Maybe other countries can buy elephants

S. R. says:

Guaranteed that this heinous hunters were must from either us or europe.on the other hand they lecture others about animals right.

S. R. says:

Now where is the Hippocratic NGO called PETA….because they were very active at the time of jallikattu or in the case of temple elephants of India..

Silvia Logan says:

The way that those beautiful elephants are being treated by humans is just cruel. People are selfish and stupid by the way that they treat all those precious animals. People should be in jail for shooting those lovely elephants.

Murali B says:

When will the human's madness, greed and atrocity towards nature end? Who gives them the right to hunt an innocent animal? How can one point the gun at such a majestic animal and has the heart to pull trigger! A true Human being wouldn't do such heinous thing…

Perseus Titan says:

Dude, they're poor. It's hard to be good, to care about values, character when there's no food on their plate. Rather, question those who are demanding and willing to pay for it.

Perseus Titan says:

It's hard to be good when you are poor.

guru mahesh says:


Prasad Raj says:


Alan BHARAT says:

What a logic!
Zimbabwe:- Permits others to kill elephants so that they can run the zoo to protect the elephants.
Elephants be like:- bruh, wtf!

channabasava B M says:

Covid 19 is here to give some message to human beings,we have to learn from it.
Save animals and save world from humans.

Sweatha Raj says:

What an irony . Instead of driving in donations to save life of animals . They choose an easier way to earn money . Its easier to earn money in hunting than protecting . They know most humans enjoy killing than protecting . ๐Ÿ™ God must be embarrassed for creating us .๐Ÿ™ When will we learn our lesson ๐Ÿ™ this planet doesn't belong only to humans. ๐Ÿ™


Heartbreaking news.
Canโ€™t believe that such things are allowed to go on.
Last year, Australia killed 10K camels.

We are doomed! Human species will not survive either.

U Dz says:

those hunters should be hunted, lets see how they like it!

Indian says:

And we want peace, stability, and happy life. Hypocrisy at its peak.

Asghar Khan says:

As a Kenyan born Asian find this disgusting and hope no trophy hunters take up this offer .

4NooBs Esports says:

Please save zimavawe elephant

Kartik Nikam says:

Are they mad


Zimbabwe is a trash country

Nitin Kishore says:

What will they sell afterwards their family.

Satindra Paul Singh [ Sunny ] says:

leave the elephants be …..

Dipendra Singh says:

Guys why are we not talking about this. No outrage for these poor animals. Whyyyyy?

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